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  • 'Akala Ko Anak Ko Lang!' Parents Share Funny Doll Play Moments

    A curious dad asked other parents, "Ganyan po ba talaga maglaro ng baby dolls? Required ba na nakahubad lahat ng damit?"
    by Judy Santiago Aladin .
'Akala Ko Anak Ko Lang!' Parents Share Funny Doll Play Moments
  • Being a first-time parent, it means a lot when your questions are answered, and your concerns are validated by other parents who are going through the same journey as you.

    This is the norm in the Smart Parenting Village, our private Facebook group for parents.

    Recently, a curious dad posed a question to the parent members.

    "Ask [ko] lang po, Ganyan po ba talaga mag laro mga babi ng baby doll nila? Required na ka hubad lahat ng damit? Haha."

    Daddy Cezar Prospero Matutino told Smart Parenting why he got curious about his daughter's preference when playing with her baby dolls.

    "Nagtaka po ako, kasi may mga stuffed toy siya na may mga damit din, tinanggal niya po at isinuot sa baby doll niya. Tapos mas madalas hubad nga mga baby niya. Hanggang sa wala na, eh samantalang nandoon lang yung mga damit nakakalat."

    The group, which has 80,000 members and counting, has been the go-to place of parents like Daddy Cezar for questions like these. "Kaya nag-ask na ako sa ibang parents, na baka baby lang namin ang ganun. Ayun na nga, nag-labasan na mga parents na same story."

    Other parents relate with Daddy Cezar, and shared their stories too.

    He then edited his post and added, "Salamat sa lahat, akala ko kasi baby lang namin gumagawa ng ganyan. Haha. #curiouslang"

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    Funny stories of parents of toddlers

    Some of the parents replied to Daddy Cezar's question, "Summer daw kasi!" and "Baka bath time!" And others shared hilarious stories about their kids playing with dolls.


    'Nasa cabinet ng kitchen yung head ni Ken'

    This is not an excerpt from a horror story. Mommy Ann Gavile Felix shared, "Yung anak ko may doll kitchen tapos may cabinet yun. Tapos si Ken, walang head. Hanap ako ng hanap ng head makita ko nasa cabinet ng kitchen doll ulo ni Ken!"


    Poor Ken!


    Turns out, the culprit was her two-year-old who pranked her 3-year-old sister.

    "Nakikilaro sya sa ate niya yung panggulo lang ba. It happened last December yung mga napamaskuhan nila na toys."

    'Pati dolls kailangan bihisan araw-araw'

    For Mommy Chin Zabat de Vera, the struggle is real. She said she can relate to Daddy Cezar, and in her case, her daughter asks her to be the one to dress up her dolls!


    Mommy has another baby to dress up everyday!
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    "Ganyan din si baby ko lagi hinuhubaran yung dolls nya. Nakakapagod, pati dolls kailangan ko pang bihisan araw-araw."

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    'Maliligo daw sa beach ang dolls'

    Mommy Mara Felice said, her daughter also likes to remove the clothes of her dolls because they are going to the beach. "Anak ko ganito din.. Maliligo daw kasi sa beach dolls nya. Ipapahubad yung damit. Tapos ipapasuot na naman. Minsan wala pang 5 minutes babalik na saken para ipahubad o ipasuot na ulit yung damit."


    Off to the beach!


    'Magpprotesta pag nilagyan ng damit'

    Mommy Lois Gregorio's little one meanwhile, doesn't like it when her dolls are clothed.


    This girl fights for what she wants!


    "Samedt.. pag nilagyan ng damit, magpuprotesta at huhubaran ulit."

    'Tinatago ko nalang yung clothes'

    Mommy Angel de Silva is happy to know she's not alone. Her daughter started to play with naked dolls when she was 2. She says, they will outgrow it. "Little girl ko din ganyan, kaya tinatago ko nalang clothes especially yung shoes para hindi mawala."

    Mommy Angel says her daughter likes to play with her naked dolls since she was 2. She's now 5.

    Her daughter who is already 5 still likes to play with naked dolls. "Though yung mga bago hindi na niya tinatanggalan ng clothes. Nag-start na siya maka-appreciate kasi ng dresses especially pag princess."

    Benefits of doll play to children

    Great news for these parents who are very supportive to their toddlers who love to play with dolls.

    A 2020 study by a team of psychologists led by Salim Hashmi revealed that when children are playing pretend play with dolls, a certain region of the brain that is associated with social processing and empathy is activated. This will help them in building their character and influence their behavior. 


    The study is the first experiment to directly test the neural correlates of play in young children. It shows that when kids are engaged in doll play or a tablet, the pSTS (Posterior superior temporal sulcus) is activated, especially when they are playing with a social partner. 

    Interestingly, however, when playing alone, this region is more engaged during doll play than tablet play.

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    "Pretend play with dolls therefore provides a unique outlet for practicing social and empathic skills even when playing by oneself," the study concludes.

    As to Daddy Cezar's question why toddlers do it, maybe we can engage with our kids during doll play and ask them ourselves. Who knows what they are going to say?

    Should boys play with dolls too? YES! Read the four reasons why, here.

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