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  • #GCashToSchool Shopping Tips from Mommy Vlogger Isha Borromeo

    Take advantage of these back-to-school promos, mommies!
#GCashToSchool Shopping Tips from Mommy Vlogger Isha Borromeo
  • The new school year is already in full swing, and with it comes the excitement of back-to-school shopping for new supplies, gadgets, and even outfits. Balancing these expenses can be a challenge, but this year, GCash is your ultimate ally in ensuring you score all the best deals at unbeatable prices–all while giving you the chance to win big through its Back-To-School promo with daily chances to win Php 10,000. 

    When you #GCashToSchool, you can discover all the ways you can save more and win big! Simply shop and Scan to Pay or Buy Now, Pay Later with GCash through GGives or GCredit, and get the chance to spin the #LuckyQR on the app to be one of 10 winners daily of the Php 10,000 daily prize.

    One of the best ways to make sure your kids are all set with everything they need for school is to take note of these tips from experts who have navigated the back-to-school season for more than just a couple of years, like mommy vlogger and content creator Isha Borromeo. Here, she shares five tips to help you!

    1. Look through what you already have at home

    The best starting point for your back-to-school shopping is to “shop” in your own homes first! Often, items from the previous school year—like pencil cases, scissors, and protractors—can still serve their purpose if they're in good condition. 

    Before stepping into any store, whether online or physical, take stock of what you already have, and you might just realize you have a treasure trove of supplies your kids can use!

    1. Set a budget for your back-to-school shopping 

    When you really have to go to the mall to purchase brand new items, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. One of the best ways to do this is to divide your list into two categories: needs and wants. For example, a brand-new pencil case isn't an immediate necessity if the old one still works! 

    1. Always opt for high-quality supplies and gadgets

    Throughout your back-to-school season shopping, durability should always be a key consideration. It might be tempting to buy what’s shiny and new, but it’s always wiser to opt for well-made quality items like backpacks, water bottles, lunch kits, and even gadgets from trusted brands known for their products’ durability. 

    It may be a bigger investment to purchase higher quality supplies, but they're also more likely to last longer than one school year, saving you money in the long run.

    1. Buy what you can in bulk

    The strategy of buying in bulk offers a double benefit: cost savings and convenience. Some items to consider buying in bulk include pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, and other office essentials–you’ll never know when your kids will suddenly need extra supplies or replacements for lost items. Hence, it’s always wiser to be one step ahead and have everything you need at home.

    “It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to buy, but the truth is, you can actually find great deals for bulk purchases that’ll last you the full year!” Mommy Isha shares. "Having a stock of supplies at home can prevent last-minute, stressful shopping trips when something runs out. 

    1. Check for deals that will let you save big and win big

    Back-to-school sales typically start between July and August, so you want to check on all the best deals that will let you save big. This year, GCash is offering exciting discounts and deals for students of all ages at shops like National Bookstore and Robinson’s Department Store for all their school supplies needs. 

    Additionally, you can revamp your kids' wardrobes at shops like Penshoppe, Keds, Complex, Merrell, Sperry, Oxgn, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Forme, Regatta, Bocu, and Memo.

    How to Join the GCash Back-To-School Promo

    Until August 31, 2023, at all merchants where users may Scan-To-Pay with GCash, they will be rewarded for their transaction and earn one spin per day on the Back-To-School #LuckyQR the next day at 12 NN. Here’s how! 

    1. Log in to the GCash app and tap the Back-To-School banner.
    2. Select the lucky draw game banner on the main Back-To-School landing page.
    3. If you've made a QR payment transaction the previous day, you'll be directed to the lucky draw game page. If you win, spin the wheel and receive a notification with your result and prize details.
    4. 10 winners of the Php 10,000 daily prize will receive their reward in their GCash wallet within 14 days. 

    Those who spin the Lucky QR may also receive consolation e-vouchers in real-time, which they can use through A+ Rewards platform on the GCash app. Vouchers include discounts for Mobaypay, NBA, Disney+, Spotify, Foodpanda, App Store, and Google Play Store.

    With the upcoming school season approaching quickly, take note of these tips and maximize the opportunity to pay with GCash and win big! #GCashToSchool and download the GCash app today from the App Store or Google Play Store.

This article is sponsored by GCash.