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  • Healthy Play Teaches Toddlers Independence! Mariel Padilla Shares How She Does It For Her Kids

    She says it's important to make simple tasks, like taking a bath, feel more fun.
Healthy Play Teaches Toddlers Independence! Mariel Padilla Shares How She Does It For Her Kids
  • As physical classes get suspended indefinitely, we’re facing months of having the kids at home. And while we strive to provide them everything they need, it doesn’t mean that we can’t teach them a thing or two about independence.

    Teaching kids independence is crucial as it prepares them for adult life. But did you know you can impart this lesson to your kids through healthy play at home?

    Celebrity mom Mariel Padilla is an advocate of teaching kids independence through fun and safe activities indoors. In fact, she’s been practicing it with her toddler Isabella, especially since the start of the community quarantine.

    In Cetaphil Baby’s Mommy Dialogues on “How To Keep Kids Happy And Healthy Through Playtime At Home,” Mariel shares the following tips:

    1. Give them toys that promote creativity. 

    Playing helps kids cope with the boredom of staying indoors. It pays to provide them toys that help them have fun while learning. For her toddler, the celebrity mom swears by toys that encourage creativity like clay, dolls, and building blocks.

    According to Mariel, these toys help children express themselves. When Isabella plays with dolls, this mom observes that her daughter has no trouble coming up with unique characters and dialogues during playtime. With blocks, Isabella can develop her creativity with the construction.

    By letting Isabella play with these toys, she gets to come up with new ideas and exercise decision-making.

    2. Make chores feel like playtime. 

    Mariel says she has no trouble entrusting Isabella with simple tasks because the mom tries to not make her instructions sound like “utos.” When reminding Isabella to wash her hands, for example, the celeb mom encourages her daughter to take her time in enjoying the fragrant scent of the soap.

    And while most kids resist chores like bathing, Mariel says Isabella actually enjoys bath time because the mommy lets her play like a mermaid in the water. The celeb mom says that when children are experiencing a particular activity, they are more willing to take on little responsibilities and would even show initiative.

    3. Let them do their own thing. 

    Even before the pandemic, many parents tend to be overprotective when it comes to their children. Mariel has this to say: Let kids be kids without parents continually hovering like helicopters. By letting them do their own thing, children can ultimately be entrusted to choose what’s best for them.

    For example, Mariel established a routine that lets Isabella get her much-needed outdoor playtime since the start of the community quarantine. Her daughter gets to play safely in the garden, giving her plenty of space and time for exercise. Once she’s had enough playtime, Isabella herself shows initiative to clean and bathe.

    Of course, encouraging kids to get their dose of play indoors is one thing, but it’s another to ensure that they’re safe and protected at home as they play. Remember to clean and disinfect floors and surfaces that children always touch. When it comes to personal hygiene, it helps to use bath essentials that gently cleanse children’s skin while keeping it feeling soft and bouncy, like Cetaphil Baby.

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