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  • "How can I help my kids avoid skin problems during the summer?"

    Read on to find out what our experts have to say.
    by Nikki Constantino .
  • Prevention is key, says Clare Palabyab, M.D., dermatologist. “Insect bites can be avoided by applying insect repellent lotion on the skin.”

    Shyrine Suarez, R.N., a school nurse at Community of Learners School for Children in Quezon City, suggests being keen on what your kids wear. “Have your child wear long cotton pants during outdoor play,” she says.

    To prevent prickly heat, frequent baths are recommended. You don’t have to soap or shampoo your child every time—just soak his body, says Suarez. “It’s ideal if he can stay in an air-conditioned room or a well-ventilated one for most of the day or when the heat is at its peak,” Dr. Palabyab adds. “Check his bath water, too, and make sure that it’s not too hot.”

    Dorothy Figueroa, a Filipino preschool teacher at Little Oxford House in Virginia, U.S.A., backs up Dr. Palabyab’s advice. “Tots are very active so they sweat a lot. Keeping activities mostly indoors during the summer helps prevent rashes and other skin irritations.”


    Sunburn may be prevented by frequent application of sunblock and staying away from the sun at its hottest.
    Clare Palabyab, M.D., dermatologist, Clinica Manila, Makati City; fellow, Philippine Dermatological SocietyDorothy Figueroa, preschool teacher, Little Oxford House, Virginia, U.S.A.Shyrine Suarez, R.N., school nurse, Community of Learners School for Children, New Manila, Quezon City

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