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  • How to Evaluate the Baby Product Advice You Get From Friends

How to Evaluate the Baby Product Advice You Get From Friends
  • If you put together all the advice and baby product recommendations your mom friends have given you ever since becoming a mother yourself, you'll probably have enough material to write a book. Moms are just like that: They like to share exciting discoveries and new experiences with their kind.

    Faced with all that information, what's a mom like you supposed to do? Ask yourself these questions before coming to a decision:


    Have you crowd-sourced for various opinions?

    If you're talking about products for babies under a year old, your pediatrician's opinion should be taken into consideration, especially if your baby has sensitive skin and other conditions. Include your husband in the discussion as well. Ask other moms for their experience while using the product, then list down pros and cons before deciding if it's a no or a go.


    Have you tried the product?

    Trials are important because they tell you whether your baby will show any reaction to the contents of the product. Pore over the label, and check whether harmful chemicals are used in making the product. Do a patch test by applying the product on a small area of your baby's skin on the arm or leg. Then, compare results.


    What does your instinct say?

    Your mother's instinct will tell you whether to go for a product or not. Trust it. If you've done your homework and explored all the possibilities, there's no reason for you to make the wrong choice.


    What does your own research reveal?

    You can spend hours online and browse every website that appears on your search. That, or go for the simpler alternative: Look for the Smart Mom Approved seal.

    Smart Parenting gave the Smart Mom Approved Award to Belo Baby during Smart Parenting Mom Workshops: All About Babies held last September 23.

    "We feel very happy and honored to receive [this award] for Belo Baby. We truly took great care in ensuring that each product would be safe for babies," says senior brand manager Joyce delos Reyes. "We are glad that [moms] have expressed approval of the brand."

    She adds, "We understand that unlike adult skin, baby's skin is paper-thin and not yet fully developed. That is why Belo Baby all-natural line undergoes a series of very stringent tests to make sure it is safe and gentle for the most delicate skin.


    Go here to learn more about Belo Baby all-natural line as well as colognes and sanitizers for your little one.


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