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  • How To Keep LO Feeling Presko Kapag Nagsisimula Na Siya Maglakad At Explore Sa Bahay

    It’s as simple as changing their clothes regularly and using the right diaper!
How To Keep LO Feeling Presko Kapag Nagsisimula Na Siya Maglakad At Explore Sa Bahay
  • Moms know this very well: Kids can really be unstoppable once they start exploring on their own—at first by crawling and, eventually, by walking. They would touch everything they see, and go from one corner to another, with you chasing after them!

    During this time, moms and dads naturally start to worry about kids’ safety. You also want to know how your little ones can stay fresh and comfortable as they explore and play— especially when it gets too hot.

    While you can’t really stop your toddler from doing their thing (and you shouldn’t, really, because exploring and playing are beneficial to their growth and development!), you can put your mind at ease by making sure they are properly “equipped” as they do so. Encourage "presko play" so your child can be given the chance to learn and discover things on their own while having fun.

    Keep reading to find out how you can ensure "presko play" for your child:

    1. Dress them in light, breathable fabrics

    Dress your child in soft sandos or shirts. Since they are likely still wearing diapers, you may choose not to put them in shorts or pajamas as they play so they can move freely and without sweating too much. As for fabrics, choose light, breathable ones to keep your child feeling cool and comfortable. Cotton, linen, muslin, and bamboo rayon are just some examples.

    2. Opt for “cooling” diapers

    Diapers are pretty much wardrobe staples for tots, so it is very important to pick those that can keep up with them as they move. Pants-type diapers are great for little explorers, particularly those that can absorb pee quickly and are breathable and cooling to prevent kulob and diaper rash — like Pampers Aircon Pants.

    Pampers Aircon Pants' main feature is its 10 million micro-holes that help the skin to breathe and feel presko. It also has a belt that’s gentle on the skin, a wide patch that adds up to its overall breathability, a urine indicator, and a disposal tape.

    Pampers Aircon Pants absorbs wetness from the surface and locks it away, helping avoid the dreaded babad that compromises the kids’ comfort. It also comes in a variety of sizes.

    Still not convinced? Here's what celebrity mom Saab Magalona-Bacarro has to say about Pampers Aircon Pants: "We are dancing because even if the weather is so hot lately, Vito doesn't get any diaper rashes thanks to Pampers Aircon Pants' 10 million breathable microholes! Woohoo super #AirconPreskoFeeling!"

    3. Keep their play area well-ventilated

    If your kids have a designated play room or area, make sure that it’s well-ventilated by using a fan or an aircon. You can also open the windows to let in the fresh air. Something you can also consider: Making use of cooling mats!

    Because it’s inevitable for the kids to want to go out of their play area to explore all over the house, just see to it that there’s at least an electric fan around the house or keep the windows open to keep them feeling cool.

    4. Give them time to play outdoors

    If you have a yard, do allow your toddlers to play there! Aside from getting fresh air, being exposed to the sun is essential for them as it can help improve their immune system and their mood. Don't forget to apply sunscreen! Also, note that the ideal time to be under the sun is before 10 am and after 4 pm.

    Some ideas for outdoor playtime: Lay out a mat and bring out their toys to play with, or do arts and crafts provided that you supervise them and give them non-toxic and age-appropriate art materials. Just make sure that their surroundings are free of hazardous and sharp objects!

    5. Give them baths

    While getting dirty is just one of the things that help boost children’s immunity over time, you would still want to bathe them regularly, especially if they have been playing a lot. Try using lukewarm water and giving them quick baths.

    To avoid drying out their delicate skin, follow these tips: Use mild soaps, preferably those without added fragrance; do not use any washcloth when giving them baths, and lather their bodies with some kind of moisturizer after every bath time.

    6. Keep them hydrated

    Children ages 2 to 5 need to drink between 920 ml to 1.3 liters of water per day, depending on their age and gender. If they don't usually ask for water, offer it to them as often as possible so they get their needed water intake for the day. Checking the color of their urine can also help you determine if they are dehydrated or not—a pale yellow or transparent yellow color suggests they are well-hydrated, while a yellow-orange or honey color implies possible dehydration.

    On a final note: let your toddlers explore as much as they want, moms! Just be on the sideline to assist them and keep them safe as they go about their seemingly endless activities for each day.

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