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  • By Yvette Tan

    It's summer again! Time to break out the hats and swimsuits and head out of town. Whether you're heading out to the sand and sea or simply communing with Mother Nature, it's best to be prepared against the little things that could turn a happy holiday into a horrible one. Folks vacationing at certain beaches should watch out for jellyfish, while those spending time in the mountains, woods, or even the garden should watch out for creepy crawlies like ticks and bees. Just in case you or your little one have the misfortune of getting bitten, here are some home remedies that will help wounds heal faster.
    Being a tropical country, we Filipinos have to deal with mosquitoes the whole year round. Not only do their bites itch, but certain species also spread diseases like dengue and malaria. To prevent mosquito bites, one should apply insect repellent before stepping into mosquito-infested areas, even if it's your own backyard. Burning citronella oil repels the critters, as does growing marigold plants. But mosquitoes can be quite determined, and one will get a bite in sooner or later. To keep bites from itching, apply a paste made from baking soda and water and let dry. Aloe vera gel or the juice from inside an aloe vera plant’s leaves soothes bites as well. If you really must use something over-the-counter, applying calamine lotion over the bite will keep the itching at bay while it heals.

    Jellyfish may look pretty, but some species leave a nasty bite. The sting actually comes from coming into contact with the long, venom-secreting tentacles that trail after the creature. Jellyfish stings are tricky because they can range from highly painful to downright fatal, depending on the type of jellyfish and the allergic reaction of the person stung. Either way, they’re a sure way to ruin one's vacation.
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