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  • 20 'Malingat Ka Lang' Photos: You Know It's Bad When the Kids Are Too Quiet

    Toddlers strike again!
    by Kitty Elicay .
20 'Malingat Ka Lang' Photos: You Know It's Bad When the Kids Are Too Quiet
PHOTO BY courtesy of Ni Dy, Mary Grace, and Kris Soria
  • We can’t leave our children alone for five minutes, and it’s not always because we’re clingy. Kids can cause total chaos when mom or dad become distracted even for just a few minutes, as the photos below will show you.

    While we’re all about letting kids be kids — at toddler stage, they’re all about exploring their environment and engaging their senses so a mess is inevitable — we totally feel for parents who need to clean their children’s “Oops, I made a mess moment.”

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    20 times silence means you need to check up on your kids asap

    Whether they used markers, lotion, powder, rolls of tissue, makeup or milk (the last two really hurt!), these photos prove kids can play with anything. Moms and dads, you are not alone — “malingat ka lang, magulo na” is real!

    Kids love playing with powder

    As expected, a quiet toddler should make parents very, very suspicious. In the case of mom Dhaynelle Cabalang, she was doing chores outside the house when she noticed her son Dranreb had become too quiet. When she peeked, her 4-year-old son was already covered in powder. “Kaya po tahimik siya kasi alam niya po na may nagawa siyang kasalanan [laughing emoji],” she tells SmartParenting.com.ph via Facebook Messenger.

    The mom was shocked to see her son covered in powder. “Naligo ng powder ang mga laruan!”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Dhaynelle Cabalang
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    Mom Jill Flora could not help but do a facepalm after seeing her daughter’s mess. “Siya na nagkalat, siya pa ang galit!” LOL.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jill Flora
    We love this child’s nonchalant face after making a mess. “This is her ‘look at me, Nanay’ face pagtapos ikalat ‘yung powder sa sahig,” says Divine Alvarez.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Divine Alvarez
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    Beware of markers

    While you’d like your child to get her creative juices flowing, letting her play with markers and paint is asking for trouble. Pro parent tip: washable markers are your best friend!

    Dad George Sablayan learned this valuable lesson when his son Anton played with a marker. “Kaya pala biglang tahimik, ‘yun pala naabot niya ‘yung marker ng mommy niya sa lamesa. 

    The dad quips, "Buti na lang water-based at madali matanggal!”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of George Sablayan
    Mom Ging Ging shares, "Yung kakatapos ko lang maglinis pagtingin ko ito na naman. Kaya pala tumahimik!"
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ging Ging

    Mom Sheryl Paat took a little longer in the bathroom, and this was the scene she saw when came out — her daughter Georgina’s ‘OMG mess moment.’ All because she had left her bag unzipped.

    “My cousin who was looking after her was busy cleaning the mess she did in our bedroom! It’s a beautiful mess, though!”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Sheryl Paat
    Mom Kris Soria was busy sterilizing her daughter Peanut’s feeding bottles when she noticed an “unusual silence” from the living room. “I left her playing with her toys, babbling and singing her favorite nursery rhymes, but she found her washable Crayola markers.”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kris Soria
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    Keep your infant formula out of reach!

    We all know formula milk is expensive, so we could only groan in dismay after seeing these kids play with the milk powder.

    Mom Bonjovi Vallesteros says, “Di ko alam kung siya ba dapat maiyak o ako eh!”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Bonjovi Vallesteros
    We could feel the dread in mom Cath PD’s short comment about the mess her son Azul made: “He made it to the kitchen.”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cath PD
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    Mealtime is mess time

    Moms who go for baby-led weaning know they’re in for a real mess. But these photos take the cake.

    Mom Madelle Bautista shares that she gave her 2-year-old daughter, Luna, chocolate as a snack “kaso ginawa niyang facial mask after 15 minutes.” Haha!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Madelle Bautista
    Aren’t you glad Takki Ryshmaru was in his highchair when he decided to play with ice cream? We’re sure mom Marfele Conaco was, too!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Marfele Conaco
    We’re so relieved that 2-year-old Rahma was playing with peanut butter and not something else that looks just like it!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rahma Abrenica
    Mom Mel Annie shares, “Pagsilip ko bakit tahimik. Inaabot ‘yung chocolate na tinabi ko.” Haha!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mel Annie
    “When a loud crying, singing or laughing suddenly stops, you know you have to check on your child. They might be eating your dinner," shares mom Cathy Amisola. Wise advice!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cathy Amisola
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    Kids will be kids

    We will never understand why kids do what they do. So just embrace it!

    Kastiel, 5, was confident enough to reassure his mom, Mary Grace, after being caught playing with lotion. “He just said, ‘It’s okay, mommy! So instead of getting mad, I just took a picture.”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mary Grace
    We’re at a loss for words for this photo. Mom Ni Dy says, “Kaya pala tahimik siya, naglalaro na pala sa kubeta.”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ni Dy
    Now this is an expensive mess! Mom Dyan Brioso tells us about her son Matteo’s mischief: “Ang tahimik niya so natuwa naman ako kasi nagawa ko ‘yung ibang chores. ‘Yun pala busy siya sa paggupit ng pera.”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Dyan Brioso
    Mom Angel Janda shares, “After three minutes of silence, this is what happened to my 2-year-old daughter, Arkisha.” Malingat ka lang talaga!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Angel Janda
    Mom Shiela Layola sums up every mom’s feeling with her comment: “Nakakakabang katahimikan.” LOL!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Shiela Layola
    If you were mom Caren Boo what would you tell your son? She shares, “Hindi siya nasiyahan sa gupit sa kanya ng barbero kasi wala raw style. ‘Di namin alam kung matatawa kami o magagalit!”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Caren Boo

    The mess kids make is said to be beneficial to their growth and development. It engages their senses, plus it also inspires them to be creative! (And we understand if you are rolling your eyes now haha!) Let them help you out and this can also teach them additional values and skills. Click here for ways to get your kids to tidy up.


    Got your own 'OMG mess' moments to share? Send photos or videos by commenting on our Facebook or sending us a message via Messenger. You can also email us at smartparenting2013@gmail.com.

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