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  • This Mom's Viral Snack Hack Is So Simple You Can Start Doing It This Weekend

    It can also encourage your whole family to make healthier eating choices.
    by Kate Borbon .
This Mom's Viral Snack Hack Is So Simple You Can Start Doing It This Weekend
  • It can be hard to get kids to eat healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables (especially if there are treats like chips and candies they might find tastier). But this mom’s viral hack when it comes to healthy snacking in between meals is something that can work for you, too!

    Sarah Hornung, a school administrator, blogger, and mom of two (with another tot on the way), recently shared the “self-serve” snack hack she uses at home, and it has since racked up 79,000 reactions, 30,000 comments, and 111,000 shares.

    Hornung’s hack is simple: After grocery shopping, she washes and preps all the snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, cheese sticks, and yogurt, puts them in lidded containers, then stores them in the low shelves inside the refrigerator. This way, her kids would be able to access the snacks anytime they feel hungry.

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    In an interview with Business Insider, Sarah shares, “My kids will come home from daycare or school and they’re starving. They melt down, and I’m trying to make dinner, so I would get them home and try to start scrambling to cut up cucumbers, and it would be too late.


    “By the time I would actually be able to wash the grapes or whatever it is, they would already be melting down and I’d be throwing Goldfish (a brand of snack crackers) at them. I realized I need to be ahead of the game.”

    Now, with the help of the self-serve snacks, evenings have become more relaxed in her household. Though preparing and organizing the snacks takes extra time, Hornung says it’s worth the effort.

    “It seems to have taken off because every parent is looking for anything to make their life easier but also have healthy options in the house,” she says. “Yes, you can go out and buy pre-packaged bags of crackers and cookies and snacks, but if you want things to be convenient and fresh and healthy, you do have to put in a little bit of prep time. That’s something I commit to every week because it makes our life easier.”

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    At the same time, she also benefits from the self-serve snacks, which she says has helped her family make healthier eating choices.

    “When you are that hungry or that busy, you truly need grab-and-go. I even saw some people commenting ‘I’m 30 and I would still need this to be able to be successful.’ I can’t tell you how much produce we used to waste because I had good intentions and I’d buy it. But ultimately if I don’t wash it and have it ready to go, no one’s going to eat it, including myself. It’s not just for kids, but for everybody.”

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    Finally, Hornung says in her post that this hack helps her when she packs lunch for her kids and makes it easier to look for a side dish they can eat when dinner doesn’t include something they’ll enjoy eating or during busy nights.

    If you plan on trying this trick at home, remember to be mindful about choosing the snacks to prepare according to your child’s age. In a Q&A post on her Facebook page, Hornung writes that the snacks in her viral photo are for kids age 4 and older and not for younger kids since these can be potential choking hazards.

    Would you try this self-serve snack hack at home? Tell us about your experience!

    Need some ideas on ready-to-eat snacks your child will love? Click here to learn about some healthy treats you can prepare.

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