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  • Mom Creates Self-Care Station For Her Toddler Using Items Readily Found At Home

    It teaches kids to take care of themselves and develop good hygiene habits while growing up.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Mom Creates Self-Care Station For Her Toddler Using Items Readily Found At Home
PHOTO BY courtesy of Myreen Paderes Formoso
  • Parents want their children to become capable, responsible, and independent adults. To achieve that, hands-on experience starting while they are young is encouraged. Kids need to learn how to do things for themselves and take care of themselves so they can better navigate life in the future.

    It’s exactly what mom Myreen Paderes Formoso had in mind when she and her husband, Brian, set up a self-care station for their now 17-month old son, Johnreen Benedict. “We practice the practical life. When I was pregnant, my husband and I attended ‘Montessori at home’ and I fell in love with how the prepared environment teaches my son,” Myreen tells SmartParenting.com.ph in an interview via Facebook Messenger. “The self-care station is one of the prepared environments for my son.”

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    Myreen DIY'd this area using materials you can find at home.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Myreen Formoso


    On our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, the 36-year-old mom shares that she and Brian used materials that could easily be found in any household to create the kiddie-sized wash area. They propped up two dining chairs beside each other and put a piece of plywood on it to create a table. They then poked holes on a plastic basin to serve as the makeshift sink and placed a water container beside it to function as the faucet. Underneath the plywood is a used paint container to catch the water.


    A wooden tray holds the handwash and Johnreen’s toothbrush, and toothpaste. There’s also a small glass and a hairbrush so he can learn how to groom himself. At the side is a washcloth for drying.

    Myreen explains that they completed the self-care station when her son was 14-months-old. “He can brush his teeth and wash hands with guidance in this station,” she says. It’s also a great way to instill the habit of proper handwashing and maintaining good hygiene in kids.


    Myreen with her husband, Brian, and son, Johnreen.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Myreen Formoso


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    Apart from the self-care station, Myreen shares that they also have a prepared or child-friendly environment for play and reading. They also have a learning tower for cooking and baking.


    Myreen also set up a play and reading area for Johnreen where all the items are within his reach.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Myreen Formoso
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    Preparing a child-friendly environment not only teaches our kids to be independent at a young age but it also lessens our worries that they will get hurt trying to reach for things that pique their curiosity.

    “It allows my son to play alone or with less supervision. If he decides to grab a book, he can do so without me getting it for him. If he wants to play with his wooden blocks, he can get it by himself because the shelves are at his height,” Myreen shares. This also allows her to accomplish household chores while her son is playing.

    Having prepared environments also lets children learn at their own pace, and Myreen highly encourages this kind of setup. “As they say, children can learn by themselves as long as the environment is ready for him to discover things,” she says.

    Inspired to have similar stations in your home? Click here for inspiration on how to set up Montessori at home.

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