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  • My 3 year-old son keeps asking me “why?” I try my best to answer all his questions but every response I give leads to another “why?”

    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Dubbed as the “Age of Why,” this age is when language development for kids hits its peak—add to that your tot’s growing understanding of cause and effect and newly developed reasoning skills. This inquisitive nature is actually an indication that your child has the ability to comprehend logic and time, however immature his questions may be. The constant Q&A sessions are also your child’s means for social talk or simply communicating with you, so there’s no loss if you do answer. Choose the questions you can explain briefly, and filter those which you think have motive behind them (e.g. attention seeking or simply your child’s lambing). You can also try to engage his imagination by asking him what he thinks the answer may be.

    • Rachel Arguelles, head teacher at the Greenhills Learning Center in San Juan
    • Abelardo Apollo I. David, Jr., occupational therapist and executive director of the Independent Living and Learning Center
    • Ropheme Meniola, M.A. in counseling and minor in family and child psychology, Ateneo de Manila
    • Romela Rubio, psychologist
    • SMART PARENTING ( July, August, September, and October 2003; June , July, August, October, November 2004; April 2005)

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