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Does Your Child Refuse to Take a Nap? Try the Tips That Worked for These Parents!
  • It may be safe to say that many parents struggle with getting their kids to go and take a nap, mainly when the little ones are too occupied with playing and other activities. Still, naps are crucial.

    In an article for SmartParenting.com.ph, Dr. Jonalyn Ang, a pediatric neurologist and sleep specialist, emphasized naps must not be cut out of a child’s daily routine ideally because doing so can make her crankier and, as a result, make her sleep worse.

    What to do when kids refuse to take a nap

    If nap time is a hard thing to come by in your house, you’re in luck! On our Facebook page, we asked parents to share what they do when their kids refuse to take their daytime naps. Here are just some of their smart tips.

    Go to bed yourself, Mom

    Most moms emphasized one fool-proof way to get any hyperactive kid to take a nap: mom should get in bed, too. They suggest lying in bed and pretending to be asleep, even when your child tries to get you to play with her. The great thing about it is both you and your child get some much-needed shut-eye!

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    Take away all distractions

    Many parents said it’s beneficial to take away all sorts of distractions such as gadgets and TV. Instead, you can incorporate soothing activities like cuddling, reading bedtime stories, and giving your little one a bath or a massage to help her wind down and drift off to dreamland. One more thing you can try is turning off all the lights in the room to help build a more sleep-inducing environment for the child.

    Let your child play

    Another popular tip shared by parents is letting kids play to their hearts’ content, instead of forcing them to go to bed. This way, the kids use up all their energy and voluntarily take a nap when they get exhausted.

    Establish a routine

    Several parents say the reason they usually don’t have a difficult time getting their kids to take a nap is the children are used to a daily routine, where they needed to take a nap during a specific time of the day. It may even be that though a child doesn’t actually want to go to bed, she automatically feels sleepy during nap time.

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    Make nap time a game

    What kid could resist a fun game with mom or dad? A couple of moms shared that they would play a game with their kids where they would race each other to see who falls asleep first. Whoever dozes off first wins! Simple games like this can help bring some laughs out of your tot, which can actually help release a hormone that aids in inducing sleep.

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    Play some music

    In case you didn’t know this already, mom, your voice is your little one’s most favorite sound in the whole world. So if you want to put her to sleep, you can try humming a simple tune in her ear. If you’re not much for singing, there are plenty of playlists you can play to relax her. Some parents on our Facebook page suggested classical music or even jazz songs.

    Ask for help

    If you’re really struggling to get your child to take a nap, there’s no shame in asking for help! Some moms commented on our Facebook post they let their partners help them with their kids during nap time — and their tactics work!  You might be able to learn a thing or two, or even use the opportunity to have some quality time as a family!

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