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They Made It! After A 36H Solo Trip And Friends’ Prayers, Nico Bolzico and Tili Land At Argentina
  • Earlier this week, Nico Bolizo and Solenn Heussaff shared that their growing family would be spending a month apart and El Padre, Nico’s nickname for himself, took their eldest Tili out on their first long haul trip together alone.

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    Nico has since updated the #TiliElPadreSoloTrip events with the reason that he went through great lengths: for Tili to spend time with his family.

    Tili and her relative excitedly greet each other.

    Through a series of Instagram stories, Tili can be seen playing in a garden, running to an older male relative, and reading books with family.

    Tili reads with her family.

    Nico also shared a relatable “Expectations vs. Reality” photo and a video of their trip. Expectation was a peaceful plane ride with Tili sleeping on her padre’s shoulder and reality was a video of her singing and standing on the bed during the plane ride.

    Yup, all toddler parents know that “expectations vs. reality” is our reality. Nothing will ever go according to plan when you have a toddler!

    Wil Dasovich’s reply to Nico in particular caught the attention of netizens because he said “I was praying for your brother the whole time in that flight.”

    Based on Nico’s Instagram story posts, Tili will be spending time with her Bolzico family. And our hearts melted upon seeing Tili excitedly run up to her relative.

    We’re sure Till and Nico will enjoy this bonding moment together—and with their extended family before they welcome another baby Bolzico.

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    3 benefits of spending time with grandparents

    A number of previous Smart Parenting articles have outlined the many benefits of children spending time with their grandparents because it goes both ways: there are benefits for kids and there are benefits for the grandparent, too!

    For the likes of Tili, who is not based in the same country as all her extended relatives, it is understandable why her parents would make the effort to spend a month away from home. When children enter school age, it becomes harder to get away for long periods of time or on a whim which makes the toddler years the most opportune moment to get away for a while.

    Below are three benefits of children spending time with their grandparents:

    1. Increase in emotional intelligence

    Florida-based online resource Love to Know reported that kids who spend time with their grandparents were at a “decreased risk for having emotional and behavioral issues, and were far better off in terms of their emotional intelligence compared to children who did not have grandparents involved in their lives.” This is based on research done in the United Kingdom.

    The study also highlights that adolescent kids from divorced or separated parents especially found this to be true.

    2. Can increase happiness

    Whose happiness? Both the child and the grandparent. Even without studies, most parents will see that this is true. “Strong grandparent-grandchild relationships can impact depressive symptoms in children and the elderly alike,” reports McCarthy.


    “A close relationship between grandparents and grandchildren has been linked to a decrease in symptoms of depression for both generations.”

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    3. More empathetic and kinder behavior

    Very Well Mind defines prosocial behavior as “those intended to help other people.” A study, focused on kids 10-14 years old, has also shown that grandparents’ “financial and emotional support was shown to increase their grandchild’s prosocial behavior,” reports McCarthy. 

    The study showed that the family setup didn’t matter, whether it was a single or two-parent setup. “Grandparent involvement led to an increase in kind, empathetic behavior.”

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    Don’t forget to schedule some time with your child’s grandparent after reading this article!

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