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  • Encourage Your Child to Practice Her Alphabet and Learn How to Read With This Fun Activity

    It's an activity that has no rules. Let your child paint the day away!
    by Kate Borbon .
Encourage Your Child to Practice Her Alphabet and Learn How to Read With This Fun Activity
  • The alphabet is one of the first things parents try to teach their baby before he turns 3 years old (maybe even 2!). For most parents, knowing the alphabet is one of those benchmarks to put the baby on the path for his first school. If you are trying to give your toddler a head start on learning the alphabet or looking for ways to encourage her to practice ABCs, here is a fun open-ended activity you can try out at home!

    First, prepare your supplies: a watercolor set and paintbrush, a large piece of white paper, scissors, and painter’s tape. If you don’t have any watercolor at home, crayons or markers can be alternatives. You may also grab some old newspapers to minimize the mess.

    Put up the paper on an empty wall in your home using the painter’s tape. Write a couple of big and small letters on the paper. The teacher from Toddler Approved who shared this activity writes that she uses the letters in her daughter’s name since those are the most familiar to her child.

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    Next, give your toddler a crayon or a paintbrush and encourage her to paint away. You can ask her to try to match the same letters by drawing lines connecting them with another, trace the letters, or even just color them. This activity has no rules whatsoever.

    Toddler Approved writes, “If your child paints on paper and maybe says the name of one alphabet letter, we’ll call it a day. This is not a high-stress activity. Kids don’t ‘have’ to connect the alphabet letters to their matches, though some will enjoy that. Kids can paint on top, around, and underneath alphabet letters.”

    Aside from helping children learn or practice the alphabet, this activity can be a vehicle for kids to develop other skills. One is visual discrimination, or the ability to recognize details in visual images. This skill allows a child to identify the similarities and differences between letters, number, shapes, colors, and even people, making it an essential skill for children who are starting to learn how to read.

    This paint-the-alphabet activity also lets kids explore color mixing. Aside from being able to recognize different hues, they also learn that combining different colors creates other colors.

    Are you planning on trying this activity out at home with your little one? Share your experience with us!

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