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13 Photos That Prove Kids Are Carbon Copies Of Their Parents
PHOTO BY courtesy of Patrice Apparre and Ciara Aquino-Presentacion
  • It’s only natural for kids to resemble their mom or dad, but there are some incredible instances when parents and their children practically look like identical twins. Sometimes it will catch you off-guard — you’ll be looking at your child and then you’ll suddenly realize that you looked exactly like them when you were at that age. It’s proof that sometimes, it’s all in the genes!

    Look-alike photos of parents and their kids

    On our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, mom Christine Musa uploaded a photo of her daughter looking like her “carbon copy” as a baby and it prompted other parents to start sharing their “look-alike” photos as well. The side-by-side photos were so uncanny we just had to compile them and share them with you! (With the parents' permission, of course!)

    These photos were taken 36 years apart, but mom Christine (as a baby on the left) and her daughter Bleu really look alike. (Oh, and grandma still looks gorgeous, too!)
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Christine Musa
    What other parents are reading

    Here are 12 more photos of babies looking exactly like their parents!

    Taken in 1996 and 2019, mom Ciara Aquino-Presentacion (left) can't deny her son looks exactly like her — just look at those eyes!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ciara Aquino-Presentacion
    Even mom Kath Torres cannot deny that her husband and youngest daughter are twins. It's like daddy's features were copied and pasted onto baby Jasmine's!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kath Torres
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    It's like mom Andrea Carandang (top) was reborn as her baby Sky — those eyes and smiles are identical!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Andrea Carandang
    What other parents are reading

    Mom Patrice (left) and her son have the same 'bungisngis' smile. So adorable!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Patrice Aparre
    Mom B-Jenn Portales (left) surely had a blast recreating her childhood photo. She and her daughter look like twins!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of B-Jenn Portales
    Nikki Sispon couldn't resist sharing a photo of her boys — it's like her husband (left) and son are one person!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Nikki Sispon
    What other parents are reading

    These photos were taken when mom Arcadia Balais de Leon (right) and her daughter were both 4 years old. As they say, "Parang pinagbiyak na bunga!"
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Arcadia Balais de Leon
    These photos are 22 years apart, but isn't it amazing how mom Jyra (that is her on the left as a baby) and her son Brylee are doing the same pose and look so much alike? And good job to Lolo for bearing witness to it!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kenzie Barrera Viray
    Proof that the apple does not fall far from the tree — mom Keren Borlasa-Cabero (right) and her daughter share the same 'nakakagigil' cheeks!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Keren Borlasa-Cabero
    What other parents are reading

    Mom Wana Barrion's photo was taken in 1995 (left) while her son's photo was taken in 2019. From the eyes down to the lips, it's like they are cloned versions of each other!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Wana Barrion
    This photo is 26 years apart, but mom Miles Valdez (left) and her daughter are wearing the same dress. Galing!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Miles Valdez
    If mom Patricia Allyson hadn't said that this was a photo of her husband and daughter, we would have thought they are one and the same. So adorable!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Patricia Allyson

    Got your own look-alike photos to share? Send photos by commenting on our Facebook! You can also email us at smartparentingsubmissions@gmail.com.

    What other parents are reading

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