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  • 4 Products That Will Make Potty Training Less Stressful!

    Train your child to use the toilet properly while teaching him good bathroom habits
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
4 Products That Will Make Potty Training Less Stressful!
  • The first time a child flips over, his first step, and his first time to eat solids are just among the many milestones any parent is excited to see. There is one "rite of passage" to parenthood, however, that might not be as anticipated because it can be a lot messy: potty training your toddler.

    Potty training a child can take anywhere from three to six months or longer. Any parent who has gone with his toddler through potty training knows it requires patience, and parents need all the help they can get to take the load off (pun intended) potty training. These products claim they can be of assistance.

    Need a hand potty training your toddler? These products could help

    1. Toddler Target Potty Training Bullseye Nightlight


    Training your little boy to go to the toilet when he has the urge to pee can be more challenging than it is with girls because there is the added pressure of aiming accurately into the bowl. This battery-operated accessory provides an easy solution. The motion-activated Toddler Target Potty Training Bullseye Nightlight attaches to the toilet seat cover and projects an image onto the bowl, enticing your child to do "target practice" and direct the stream of his "wee-wee" towards it. It casts a green glow that illuminates the entire bowl. Hopefully, your little one will make less of a mess! Available for $59.99 (about Php 3,100) on Amazon.com.

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    2. Junju Banana Potty

    You don't have to put your potty training on hold while traveling. The Junju Banana Potty is a compact yet sturdy potty that you can bring with you wherever you go. It is ready to use with just a flick! It's so small when folded that it can fit into your car's glove compartment, yet it can support up to 80 kilos in weight. It's also eco-friendly as it comes with a pack of biodegradable plastic. It comes in the following vibrant colors: yellow/pink, gray/blue, gray/pink, yellow/blue, and pink. Available for Php1,300 at The Parenting Emporium.

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    3. Aguard "I Can Do It" Baby Potty Training Toilet

    PHOTO BY Leah San Jose

    We spotted this Korean-made product at the "Hong Kong Baby Products Fair" last January 2019. The idea is your child likes to copy you, and that extends to how you use the toilet bowl. This baby potty training toilet is the closest your child can get to the real thing including a feel of the toilet seat! It looks and feels like an adult-size toilet bowl, but it is made in the size of your little one (355x372 mm). Pulling down the toilet tank lever will activate the "flushing sound" to train your child to flush everytime he goes (there's no real water, by the way). So we're betting you won't have to force your child to use it just because of this feature. It also has a nifty compartment in the "tank" for your child's knick-knacks. Available on Amazon.com. (Read the finds we saw at the Hong Kong fair here.)


    4. The Splatter Shield

    The Splatter Shield is a removable device that turns your toilet bowl into a urinal, preventing  spillovers and protecting your walls and floors. Made with an easy-to-clean material, it teaches boys that the toilet seat should be in the upright position before use (the device attaches to the toilet rim) and promotes good bathroom habits. Available for $15.79 (about Php 816) on Amazon.com.

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