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  • 7 Signs That Show Your Child Is NOT Yet Ready for Potty Training

    Being aware of the signs that a child is not yet ready to be potty-trained can help avoid health issues.
    by Kate Borbon .
7 Signs That Show Your Child Is NOT Yet Ready for Potty Training
  • Kids usually start to exhibit signs that they are ready for potty training between 18 months and 3 years old. But every child is different, and there are plenty of different skills kids need to master before they can start learning how to use the toilet. So it's crucial not to force your child into potty training because if it becomes a frustrating struggle, it will be ineffective for you and him.

    Signs your child is not ready for potty training

    1. Your child is not interested in potty training yet

    Healthline writes that forcing a child to potty train may lead to him suffering bladder-related issues such as chronic holding, as well as stress and anxiety for both parent and child. It may even cause severe constipation in your child.

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    2. Your little one is totally okay with dirty diapers

    Does your little one seem completely unfazed even when his diaper is full of poop or urine? That might be a sign that he is not yet ready for potty training. According to What To Expect, toddlers go through phases when they begin to express a deep dislike for messes, but if your child is not yet doing this, then you might want to put off the toilet training for some other time.

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    3. Your toddler doesn’t know how to express himself yet verbally

    If your child is comfortable even when his diaper is full, that can keep him from also being able to express through words when he needs to go potty. Until he is can recognize how it feels to need to go to the bathroom to urinate or defecate and then say it out loud, it may be better not to attempt to start the process of toilet training just yet.

    Until your child starts to show interest in learning how to use the potty by himself, it may be better to put off potty training for later.
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    4. Your child can't pull his pants up and down by himself

    BabyCentre says one of the physical signs a child is ready for potty training is his ability to pull his pants up or down with minimal help. He is inclined to do so when he feels discomfort from his full diaper.

    5. Your toddler can’t control his bladder yet

    Mayo Clinic says that one sign a child is ready for toilet training is he can stay dry for up to two hours. It is a telltale indication his bladder muscles have developed enough for him to hold in his urine. If your kid is constantly wetting himself, it may not yet be time for potty training.

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    6. Your little one is scared of the toilet

    It may seem strange to adults, but fear of the toilet can be very real for kids. It might be triggered by the sounds of flushing or the fear they will fall or be sucked into the toilet if they sit on it. If you think your child may be going through this phase, there are some things you can do to put his fears to rest and make the process of using toilets as normal as possible for them (such as allowing him to watch Dad pee). Once he expresses interest in finally learning to use the toilet himself, it might be a good time to start potty training.


    7. Your child may not be ready for potty training if there a major change going on at home

    The change is outside of your everyday routine —  moving to a new house, a long trip, or the arrival of a new sibling. The Mummy Bubble writes it is because “it’s not going to help your stress levels and your child will not really be learning anything because they’re not in their usual environment, so they’re not comfortable enough to absorb the new information and way of doing things.”

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