Prep Your Child for Preschool with These Toys

Give your baby and toddler a head start with these toys that promote advanced learning through play.

Did you know that play is so important to a child's development, it has been recognized by UNICEF as a right of every childThrough play, a child learns various cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills—all of which are crucial to his development as a well-rounded person. These skills will also help prepare him for the next big step: school.

Given how sensitive a child's early development years are, it's crucial for parents to know how to make the most out of playtime—especially because that's usually the only thing babies and toddlers do apart from feeding and sleeping. Here's when learning toys, like the ones the experts at VTech have been crafting for years, come in handy. We've picked six toys, all designed to assist in certain aspects of your young one's development, while also leaving room for loads of fun.

Enhance their motor skills

At four to six months, babies begin to learn how to grab items with their hands and feet, as well as transfer items from one hand to another. Help develop these motor skills by providing safe toys to practice with, like this colorful rattle that also provides auditory and visual stimulation. It’s perfectly-sized, too—specially made for your baby’s little hands. Apple Rattle, P699.75


Improve their visual and auditory awareness

Instead of exposing your tot to gadgets at a young age, try this educational alternative instead. This nifty crib accessory projects relaxing light patterns onto the ceiling while playing lullabies, giving your tot an age-appropriate sensorial delight. You’re in control, too: You can set the timer from 10-, 20-, to 30-minute intervals. Lullaby Teddy Crib Projector, P999.75


Develop their social and emotional skills

Prep your little ones for social interaction with character toys that they can "bond" and play with. Apart from being perfect for cuddling, these plushie bears have buttons that flash while introducing numbers, colors, and objects, and also play a soothing selection of baby melodies. Singing Little Cody and Cora, P999.75 each


Help them master their ABCs

This colorful alligator is the perfect companion for teaching young minds all about letters and their sounds. It's great for independent play, too! Older tots can also have endless fun with the built-in quiz and sentence games. Alpha-gator, P1,299.75


Encourage their walking skills

Certainly not your typical andador, this walker-slash-activity-center provides safe support as your child learns to take his first steps, letting him learn at his own pace while also providing creative stimulation. The activity panel comes with all sorts of activities, from music to word play. Baby First Steps Walker, P2,499.75


Help them identify objects through words

Between the ages of one and three, kids can already begin to match objects with the corresponding names and identify the things they see in books and photos. Help expand their vocabulary in a creative way with this interactive wordbook. It features incredibly detailed and touch-sensitive pages, allowing your tots to familiarize themselves with over 100 words while also giving their motor skills a boost. Touch & Learn Word Book, P1,499.75


You can shop for these VTech toys online via Kids Company. VTech toys are also available in leading toy stores nationwide. 

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with VTech.