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Team Kramer Hopes You Can Read Their Books to Help a Good Cause
PHOTO BY Rachel Perez-Abrajano
  • Being parents is not just about caring for your kids, nourishing them, changing their nappies, and providing for their basic needs. It's about shaping a little human being. It sounds like a big ask — it is, no doubt about it. That's why any mom (or dad) appreciates any help she can get, whether it comes in the form of a hack or parenting advice. It takes a village to raise a child, after all.

    Chesca and Doug Kramer are a couple that gets a lot of attention not only because their family is gorgeous, but people appreciate their "real-ness." Their influence is built on the parenting successes and failures that they share on Instagram and Facebook. Their social media fans admire the couple's parenting style when it comes to instilling good manners and values in their kids, KendraScarlett, and Gavin. 

    Now, Chesca is spreading that social media influence to books, recently launching Team Kramer Values book series and Healthy Habits book series. She takes inspiration from her experiences as a child and as a mom.

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    "Doug and I, we believe that parents should be together in guiding their children. With the Team Kramer Healthy Habits books, these are the things that I taught Kendra [and the two kids]," the mom of three shared in a press conference alongside publisher Sterling and National Book Store.

    The books have been available since last year, but it is relaunching to help Children's Hour Philippines, a non-profit organization that funds education projects such as building libraries and reading corners for the poor communities. A portion of the books' proceeds will go to the group.  


    Chesca, who wrote poetry when she was younger as a means to cope with the challenges of growing up, shared that the book, How Do I Shower, came from her mother and how she taught Chesca how to take a bath by herself. How Do I Brush My Teeth was based on Doug's toothbrushing lesson with Gavin (the whole family also happens to be the endorsers for Happee's flavored toothpaste for kiddos).

    Clean Hands is close to Chesca's heart. "I know that there are a lot of books about washing hands, but I wanted [my book] to be very different. I associated clean hands with Scarlett, remembering everything the family does with their hands, you know, sharing, praying."

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    With the values books, Chesca admitted she couldn't have written them without Doug and the kids. Many of the content came from the family's real-life conversations.

    What other parents are reading

    Chesca and Doug said that reading has always been a family bonding activity for them. "It comes down to time," Doug stressed, adding that children whose parents just prop them in front of a tablet all day could grow up lazy. "You intentionally give them books [and then] give them an award. Give them 30 minutes or 45 minutes on the tablet, and then after that, you give them books to read, so that they will also enjoy reading. That’s something that you have to enjoy really, but you have to get used to it," Doug shared. 

    Chesca, who is picky about books her kids read and makes sure they're age-appropriate, adds, "Have books available to them. Don’t be shy to be animated when you read to them. Teach them how to read with feelings and get your imaginations going. Don’t be lazy to explain words to them."   

    According to Chesca, Kendra loves The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series but also reads Nancy Drew and Ramona books. All three kids read Bible Friends together with their parents (Chesca grew up reading them).

    "You have to take into account their interests and then give them informative [books], too. That's how we do it," Doug added. 


    What other parents are reading

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