The Dirtiest Things Your Little Ones Can Find In Your House

Are you making sure your child's hands are always clean? Because clean hands can reduce the risk of getting and spreading diseases.

How many times have you wished you could freeze that moment when your child is about to put something in his mouth using his hands? Just the thought of your baby getting all those germs inside his body can make you a paranoid parent for life! Bacteria grows and divides every 20 minutes. So just the thought of your baby getting all those germs inside his body can make you a paranoid parent for life! 


So how best to deal with germs? Like every aspect of parenting, the challenge lies in striking a balance: allowing your child to explore while taking all possible steps to keep baby’s environment clean. Start at home where your baby is most likely to encounter germs.


You don't want to know the bacteria lurking in your baby's toys (and, yes, they're there). While you're not expected to clean his plushies, rattles, and squeeze toys every time your baby plays with them, you should know that different toys are cleaned in different ways. Read the instructions well, and pay extra attention to the toys that baby puts in his mouth.


With all the activities your baby does here, from playing to eating, it is a haven for germs. Your baby can easily pick it up by touching the railings or linen, or worse, even bites into some parts of the playpen. Know which parts are washable and which can be spot-cleaned. Air-dry the playpen outside to kill mold or mildew. More cleaning tips here.


Bath sponge

When left damp and moist, baby's bath sponge can become an ideal place for bacteria to grow. Clean the sponge and rinse it well after every use and if possible, keep it out of the bathroom until baby's next bath so that it stays dry. Remember to change it after two to three months.


Yes, you and practically all members of the household are potential sources of germs. Direct skin-to-skin contact with people infected with bacteria and viruses can be harmful to your baby. Ask everyone to wash hands thoroughly before playing with your baby.

Various surfaces

We mean the floor where your baby crawls (even while using a play mat), the table where your baby eats (dining table or high chair table), or the bathtub. Bacteria grows quickly in warm, moist places, so make sure these surfaces are wiped down regularly. And don't make the mistake of using the same cloth for wiping the bathtub and the floor -- this would only spread bacteria on more surfaces.


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