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  • Toddler Development: Distinguising the Left Brain from the Right Brain

    The following illustrates the main differences between left-brain and right-brain thinking.
  • Left Brain

    • Verbal, focuses on words, symbols, numbers
    • Analytic and logical
    • Processes ideas sequentially
    • Rational
    • Uses words to remember things
    • Tends to remember names more than faces
    • Likes planning and making lists
    • Likely to follow rules without any questions
    • Objective
    • Keeps track of time
    • Keen observer
    • Looks at parts

    Right Brain

    • Highly visual, focuses on images and patterns
    • Random
    • Intuitive or led by feelings
    • Holistic
    • Has photographic memory, uses images to remember things, writes things down or illustrates them
    • Questions the existence of rules
    • Subjective
    • No sense of time
    • May have trouble with spelling and finding words  to express himself
    • Looks at the whole scenario
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