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  • Toddler Emergencies: Swallows Liquid Cleaner, Hits Head

    Find out what to do if your toddler accidentally swallows liquid soap or hits his head on a table or on the floor and starts to bleed.
  • cleaning sprayHere are some common toddler emergencies that you may encounter.    


    1. Your child chugged liquid soap or cleaner.

    QUICK THINKING: Stephanie Tan, a nurse at The Medical City, Pasig, warns, “It is extremely important NOT to force or induce vomiting when this happens, as most household cleaners are corrosive. If it burns going down, it’s going to burn the esophagus going back up. Be on your way to the ER quick! Or call the National Poison Management and Control Center at the Philippine General Hospital in Taft Avenue, Manila and ask for immediate assistance. They have a 24-Hour Poison Information Service at (02) 524-1078 and (02) 521-8451 local 2311. Tell the doctor what your child has ingested. Keep the bottle with you so you can hand it to the doctors for reference, advises Arsenio Meru, Jr., M.D., doctor of internal medicine at United Doctors Medical Center in Manila.

    SAFETY ALERT! As with your medications, keep harmful household items out of your child’s easy access. Kids will always find their way to these dangerous liquids, so keep these bottles properly labeled (to avoid confusion) and securely locked in a closet.



    2. Your toddler hits his head on a table or the floor, and a gush of blood trickles down his head or face.

    QUICK THINKING: Isolate the possible area in your child’s head where the blood is gushing out from and apply pressure on it using a sterile gauze or pad, advises Tan. This will help stop the bleeding. If bleeding is profuse, wrap a bandage over his head, directs Dr. Arsenio Meru, Jr., M.D., doctor of internal medicine at the United Doctors Medical Center in Espana, Manila, to keep the gauze pressed firmly on the wound. Bring your child to the nearest hospital immediately.

    SAFETY ALERT! There are gadgets available in stores today table corner protectors, socket covers, and doorstoppers to protect your child from such events. These products are worth investing in, though they are relatively inexpensive. Make sure the floors in your house are not slippery for a child running about while at play.



    • Arsenio Meru, Jr., M.D., doctor of internal medicine, United Doctors Medical Center, Espana, Manila
    • Stephanie Tan, R.N., nurse, The Medical City, Pasig City
    • Giselle Elgincolin, school director, Creative Explorers School for Children, Quezon City


    Photo from sxc.hu

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