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  • Toddler Eyesight Problems: Lazy Eye

    Keep your tot's peepers in tip-top shape by reading up on visual problems and their symptoms.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • A glint in the eye. Dr. Tan says, “If parents see children looking at them with a glint in their eyes, like a cat’s eye, they should bring them to an eye doctor.” This may indicate an abnormal growth in their eye. Early detection and treatment can circumvent a life of bad vision.

    If nearsightedness or farsightedness in kids is not corrected during this stage, there is a risk of developing amblyopia or lazy eye. “The ‘lazy’ or the weak eye cannot see as well as the other eye.” Dr. Bolinao explains.

    Not only is vision affected, depth perception and appreciation of three-dimensional objects are also diminished. “Visual function is affected, which also somehow impedes kids’ social activities —like sports,” says Dr. Bolinao.  She advises that kids be screened for potential eye problems (even if none have manifested yet) before age 7.


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        Website: eyecenter.com.ph


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