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  • Physical Development

    • Can take off own clothes
    • Can build a tower of three to four blocks
    • Can walk with a heel-to-toe motion
    • Can wash and dry hands
    • May brush teeth with help
    • May put on clothes
    • May throw a ball "overhand" or like baseball players do
    • May draw a vertical line
    • Will sleep less, from nine to 13 hours at night, and one nap (or none!) during the day
    • From the second birthday, expect him to keep slimming down, with limbs and torso lengthening to more adult proportions.
    • An abundance of energy! So give your child the chance to run around outdoors each day.


    Cognitive and Mental Development

    • Can name several body parts
    • Can use around 50 individual words
    • Can use pronouns like "me", "you", "I"
    • Can speak clearly most of the time
    • May understand adjectives, such as big, small, etc.
    • You may understand what your toddler is saying, but not necessarily get the meaning. Don't worry; by age four, he will start making more (adult) sense


    Emotional and Behavioral Development

    • Starts asserting independence: "Me do it" or not want to hold your hand while walking
    • May still have separation anxiety and will cling to Mommy or Daddy
    • May remember peers and have a preference for one child over another
    • May not yet be ready to share
    • May play imaginatively-pretending that he's riding on a boat (even if he's on the bed) or talking to his favorite stuffed toys
    • May use the ‘quiet voice'-something useful when attending church or other social events
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