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  • Toddler Milestone Markers: 29th Month

    Keep track of your 29-month-old child's growth by reading up on his expected developmental milestones.

    by Anna Santos-Villar .
  • Physical Development

    • Can put on at least one article of clothing
    • Can brush teeth with help
    • Can wash and dry hands
    • Can draw a vertical line
    • Can balance on one foot
    • May draw a circle
    • May put on a t-shirt
    • May start toilet training


    Cognitive and Mental Development

    • Can identify a picture by name, e.g., "That's a dog!"
    • Can speak clearly all the time
    • Can learn a second language-language experts say that between two and half to three years is the perfect age to introduce a new language
    • May identify one color
    • May identify one friend (non-immediate family member)


    Emotional and Behavioral Development

    • May take interest in playing with other children
    • May transition to a bed of his own (for co-sleepers)
    • Is becoming more aware of feelings of other people, and may start learning empathy
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