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  • Toddler Milestone Markers: 31st Month

    Learn more about your 31-month-old tot by reading up on his developmental milestones!

    by Maan Pamaran . Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Physical Development

    • Can throw ball overhand, or like baseball players do
    • Can build a tower of six or more blocks
    • Can put on a t-shirt
    • May balance on each foot for at least a second
    • May brush teeth with supervision
    • May draw a cross


    Cognitive and Mental Development

    • Can name at least six body parts
    • Can say own name
    • Can recognize some letters in the alphabet
    • May call a friend by name
    • May use two adjectives
    • May point to object described by use (e.g., point to a toothbrush when asked, "What do you use to brush your teeth?")


    Emotional and Behavioral Development

    • Can help with house chores, such as putting ingredients into a bowl, clearing up toys or sorting laundry
    • Can make choices with given options (e.g., "Do you want to read Bellybutton Book or Horton Hears a Who?")
    • May change tone of voice and words used depending on who they're talking to (e.g., simpler words when talking to peers or younger children)
    • May even start telling lies or tall tales-not deliberately, but because the line between reality and fantasy is still blurred to him
    • Some start asking about sex or where babies come from
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