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  • Toddler Milestone Markers: 35th Month

    Read up on your 35-month-old tot's developmental milestones!
    by Imelda Morales-Aznar . Published Aug 14, 2009
  • Physical Development

    • Can run, walk, stand and jump without concentrating on his movements
    • Can feed self well with fork and spoon, as well as drink from a cup
    • May balance on each foot for three seconds
    • May prepare a simple meal (i.e., pour his own cereal) by himself
    • May hop and skip
    • May ride a tricycle
    • Some can draw a circle
    • Some can get dressed without help
    • A few may even go without a daytime nap


    Cognitive and Mental Development

    • Can describe how objects are used
    • Can use four to five words in a sentence
    • Can name two actions
    • May focus for longer periods of time
    • May use up to 300 different words (though they can understand up to 900 words)
    • Some can already follow two- to three-step commands


    Emotional and Behavioral Development

    • Can play social games like tag
    • Can separate easily from parents (i.e., can go play without clinging onto you at the playground)
    • May start getting curious about other children's genitals, and may play "doctor" games
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