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  • Top 5 Heat Hazards

    Read up on these top 5 heat hazards and how you can protect your child from these.Read up on these top 5 heat hazards and how you can protect your child from these.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Heat Hazard Number 1: Rashes and Allergies
    Summer in a tropical country means sweltering heat. It’s no surprise then that skin rash ranks first in our heat hit list. .This is most common among children below 3 years old, explains Jocelyn V. Bondoc M.D., a pediatrician at The Medical City in Pasig.
    How to deal with rashes and allergies:
    Dryness of skin makes your child more prone to rashes. Avoid this summer affliction by hydrating his skin with lots of lotion. A dollop of calamine can give quick relief.If your child has skin allergies, watch out for dust and pollen, which sway with the summer breeze. Kids with atopic dermatitis will have an increase in severity. This usually flares up during the summer months because of the heat, adds Dr. Bondoc. 

    Heat Hazard Number 2: Indoor Menace
    Make your house a safe summer hangout for your little one.
    Place safety sockets and stair guards in place.Store chemicals away from his reach.Make sure he’s nowhere near the kitchen when you’re cooking. 
    Preparing your child’s meals must be met with more care, too. Because of the heat, food tends to spoil more quickly.


    Check your refrigerator: Is it working properly?

    When packing for a picnic, choose food items that do not spoil easily, and place them in airtight containers. 

    Heat Hazard Number 3: Outdoor Concerns
    Playtime during the summer usually occurs in carefree abandon. Bikes are ridden at full speed, the highest peak on the monkey bars is reached, and the frequent results include severe sunburn, nasty falls, and major bruises.
    How to prevent sunburn:
    Apply and reapply sunblock on your child’s sensitive skin.  Anything higher than SPF 20 is enough.Apply every four hours or so. If the perspiration is greater, then slather it on at more frequent intervals, says Dr. Bondoc. 
    And of course, there’s swimming. Lots of it. While drowning incidents have decreased through the years, you must still be extra attentive when at the beach or a public pool. Sore eyes, gastroenteritis, amoebiasis, and food intolerance are waterborne illnesses your child might acquire while swimming.
    When embarking on an outdoor activity, it’s important to:
    Prepare a first aid kit and medication pack. Whether it’s a day trip to go on a picnic or a two night camp out, be prepared for any possible mishap.Dehydration is also common during this season, so make sure your tyke gets the proper amount of fluids.Instead of giving your child the usual sweetened iced tea or powdered juice, give him fresh fruit juice, advises Dr. Bondoc. 

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    Heat Hazard Number 4: Bugs and Bites

    With an increase in outdoor activity, your child is more exposed to all sorts of bugs and their bites. The mini-mighty mosquito is your common enemy, but watch out for other creepers and crawlers as well. 
    Bites which are more swollen and more reddish than your typical mosquito bite are causes for alarm, says Dr. Bondoc. If your child shows difficulty in breathing, food intolerance, or a severe allergic reaction, bring him immediately to the E.R.
    Heat Hazard Number 5: Sore Eyes and Mumps
    Mumps, chicken pox, and conjunctivitis are the season’s most common illnesses, according to Dr. Bondoc. While they are not related to the heat, parents must know that they are caused by the frequency of going out more. These are all viral illnesses you can get these from more exposure to people.
    What you can do:
    Bring your child to the pediatrician and dentist for a checkup.Don’t forget flu vaccines for their kids during the summer, so they’ll have peak immunity when flu season hits in July or August. 
    With these worries out of the way, you and your kids are sure to have a great summer ahead!

    Jocelyn V. Bondoc M.D., pediatrician, The Medical City, Pasig 
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