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  • Treating a Cough: Remedies and Prevention

    It’s heartbreaking when your child catches one. Here are some quick remedies you can try.
    by Rowena Espiritu .
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  • Managing coughs
    Over-the-counter cough suppressants or antitussives are available to provide relief for cough attacks. Dr. Cabanilla, however, stresses the need to consult with your pediatrician before deciding on any remedy. “Parents should keep in mind that cough is a manifestation or a symptom of a disease. Temporary relief may be administered, but it will not be enough,” he explains.

    Giving kids cough suppressants should also be under your pediatrician’s advise, as it can sometimes cause side effects like drowsiness, nausea, and constipation, explains Dr. Cabanilla. For whooping cough and cough with fever, there are prescribed antibiotics. Follow the doctor’s prescribed timetable strictly to ensure the antibiotic’s effectiveness.

    Quick remedies cough remedies
    Here are some of the tried and tested first aid remedies for cough attacks. These may temporarily ease incessant coughing:

        Drink plenty of water; cool (not cold) fluids like water or fruit juice (but not citrus) can ease the irritation caused by constant coughing.
        Steam from hot water mixed with mentholated topical cough medicine may also alleviate difficulty in breathing temporarily.
        Watch out for possible allergens or other things that may trigger coughing, such as smoke, pets, or dusty tabletops—and get rid of those right away.
        Grapes, honey, lemon, and spinach juice are some of the most common home remedies for cough. Inhaling the steam of boiled eucalyptus and mint leaves is also a good remedy.
        Having a humidifier in the house might prove beneficial.

    Stay cough-free!

       - Maintain a clean and dust-free house.
       - If a family member has cough, advise him to cover his mouth when coughing to avoid the spread of a possible disease.
       - If you can, stay away from places with too much smoke.
       - Make sure your kids eat a balanced diet and take vitamin C to keep them healthy and boost their immune system all-year round!

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