What It's Like to Join a Playdate with Scarlet Snow

Here's a peek at an exclusive event graced by the adorable tot.

One thing we love about playdates is that they present an opportunity for kids to interact and play with each other.

With their faces pressed against the glass window of Kidzoona at Shangri-La Plaza, kids excited to play with Scarlet Snow arrived early at the Belo Baby Grand Playdate held last June 1.

Nicole Hernandez-delos Angeles, Belo Baby's special mommy guest (pictured below with the event host, right), emphasizes that kids learn through play: "It allows [kids] to be creative, [to] make use of their imagination, and to just have fun. Playdates teach children how to follow rules and how to respect others."

Nicole adds that her sons have been to reading and cooking playdates. "Moms need a break, too!" she points out. "You also develop friendships with other parents."

This playdate with Scarlet included a fun-filled program on top of the massive ball pool, inflatables, and jungle gyms.

Families were welcomed by Smart Parenting editor-in-chief Leah Nemil-San Jose (pictured below), who explained the importance and benefits of playdates, such as improved decision-making and social skills.

Host Robin Nambayan invited the kids and parents to play games including Bring Me, Musical Chairs, and Pass the Parcel, while magician Ian Koy (pictured below) treated everyone to a kid-friendly magic show.

The performances were capped off with a surprise dance number from the Kidzoona mascots and staff. 

Still, it was Scarlet who stole the show. The sweet-natured toddler joined the kids wading in the ball pool, slid down the big slides, and rolled around in a huge inflatable wheel with her new friends. 

Scarlet also gamely sat with families for photos and greeted guests and members of the #BeloBabySquad.

Even without a celebri-tot for a playmate, playdates are nevertheless fun—with the proper preps. What should parents bring when their child gets invited to a playdate? Nicole suggests bringing an extra set of clothes, a first-aid kit, small towels, snacks, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, cologne, and extra shoes.

For her daughter, Joyce delos Reyes of Belo Baby always packs Belo Baby sanitizer, wipes, and talc-free powder "so that any time of the day, even when she gets sweaty, she can be fresh and she can smell good pa rin." She concludes: "Let them play. Let the kids get messy. Anyway, Belo Baby is there to be with you anytime."

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Belo Baby.