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‘Sulit Ang Pagod At Puyat’: Dimples Romana Is Proud Of Student Pilot Callie’s Flight
  • Dimples Romana and Boyet Ahmee’s eldest daughter Callie is finally flying!

    After surprising her daughter in Australia to show their unwavering support as parents, Dimples shared photos of Callie flying on her Instagram post. The mom of three said she’s so proud of her daughter who’s going after her dreams at 18 years old.

    She also shares that this is why she and Boyet work hard for their kids: to be able to allow them to choose whatever course in life they wish to take. Dimples shared a story of Callie asking back when she was 9 or 10 years old, why her parents were still working hard even if they had already achieved a level of comfort.

    “I told her, time will come and you’ll realize that no matter how prepared you think you are for the future, we must still strive to work hard to make sure that all our kids will be provided for—not just with what they need but also with what they’ll choose to be when they get to college.

    Dimples also shared that she and Boyet want to make sure that their children will never have to think of putting their siblings through school, as is often experienced by Filipino families. “Our kids won’t ever be pressured to put their other siblings to school, that’s on us as parents.


    Puyat is worth it

    The actress put into perspective for parents what has been gained in exchange of the time she’s had to spend away from her children to earn.

    “All the many days and nights I had to be apart from them meant Ate gets to freely choose what she wants to be, and the many time I miss her from not being there because of shoots and tapings meant Ate Cal will get to do what she loves and that is flying an becoming a pilot.

    She ends her Instagram post by saying “I say, worth every tear, every sacrifice.”

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    Part of children growing older means allowing them freedom and giving them more responsibilities. Here are three reminders for parents who want to give their tween or teen child a taste of freedom just like Callie and Dimples.

    Reminders for giving your tweens and teens freedom

    1. Allow your boundaries to grow with your child.

    As your child grows older, remember to adjust the boundaries you have set for them too. Sometimes parents forget to allow children more freedom as they grow older, which can also be detrimental to their development.

    ReachOut.com, an Australia-based online mental health resource for youth and their parents says “Boundaries should change and adapt as your child gets older and at a rate that they can handle with their maturity.” The boundaries for a 12-year-old and 18-year-old are different and reminding them of their freedom within limits you’ve set as you change shows them your continued trust in them.

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    2. Give them areas in their lives where they are completely in control.

    Talk about it with your partner or their other parent if possible, which areas can your child have complete freedom in? Where you can support their decisions even if you do not agree? Some possible ideas might be traveling to and from school, a side hustle, or their room. 

    Being fully responsible for their room or living space could mean that if their laundry isn’t washed, they’ll soon realize that it means there will be no clean clothes to wear. Allow your child the full effect of the consequences of their actions, should it come up.

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    3. Let them choose their own hobbies and interests.

    When children are younger and they are not yet informed of the wide array of hobbies they can dip their toes in, it’s understandable that parents would take the initiative of exposing their children to different sports or musical activities. When they are in their tweens and teen years, allow them to decide what they would like to be involved in and how much time they would like to devote.

    ReachOut.com also says “Hobbies create safe areas of independence and self-determination and can help your child socialize with peers who share their interests.”

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