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'Rice Is Life' Dimples Romana Shares Daughter Callie's First Purchase Abroad
  • Dimples Romana recently posted on Instagram an update on her daughter Callie, who is now living independently in Australia.

    She posted a screenshot of their videocall, together with her husband Boyet Ahmee.

    Callie, 18, is seen flexing her first item: a rice cooker!

    Dimples teased her daughter, saying that the rice cooker Callie bought is good for 10 cups, even though she's living alone.

    Netizens were quick to comment 'Rice is life!' and even gave tips and sent well-wishes for her eldest daughter

    One user said, "Magluluto ng madami tapos lagay sa freezer, para init-init nalang or pang-fried rice. Ganyan dito sa Australia."

    Another user said, "rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, soup maker... pang prepare daw sa family of 5 na mahilig sa food."

    On March 28, Dimples posted on IG a bittersweet message to her daughter, on the day she sent her off for her college studies in Gold Coast, Australia. Callie is taking up aviation as her college course.


    The soon-to-be mom of three wrote in her caption, "TODAY, we officially take the training wheels off. TODAY anak, I give you LOVE that sets you FREE, a kind of LOVE that LETS YOU BE. TODAY, you get to be on your own Ate. I am beyond thrilled to watch you show everyone just what makes a Romana-Ahmee woman special."

    Towards the end of her post, the 37-year-old celebrity mom wrote a reminder to Callie, "Take the first few steps with extra care ate. You got this! #AngHirapMagingIna Kaya ko pa ba?"

    Dimples recently revealed that they are going to have a baby boy.

    Tips on how to raise a teen to become independent 

    According to Amy Morin, LCSW, editor-in-chief of Very Well Mind, the key to raising independent and responsible teenagers is to offer a balance between giving enough guidance and allowing for enough freedom.

    Here are three tips that you can follow when it's time for you to send off your child to college, just like Dimples.

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    1. Ask your teen how she might handle certain issues.

    Just like when you used to play pretend when your child was younger, you can openly discuss with your teen certain scenarios and you can brainstorm on solutions when that time comes.

    Morin gives an example, if your teen's going out with friends, ask her "What would you do if someone gives you a cigarette?"

    The takeaway they should have from this discussion is that she needs to own up to her mistakes if they weren't able to think through some decisions. "We all make mistakes sometimes, and owning up to your mistakes show responsibility," Morin adds.

    2. Enable your teen to help out in housework.

    You can start teaching responsibility and independence as soon as they are able to understand. Let them help out in chores, volunteer in the community, and do something for people outside your home. "This way, your teen can see that they have the power to make a difference in someone's life," says Morin.

    3. Teach your teen life skills.

    "Make sure you are investing time into teaching your teen life skills," Morin emphasizes. Life skills include how to manage finances and how to communicate with other people effectively. It would greatly help them if you proactively teach them how to solve real-life problems.

    Kids grow up too fast, don't they? Here's proof that they do!

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