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Dermatologist Mom's Tips To Achieve Healthy Skin So Teens Can 'Love Themselves More'
PHOTO BY Dr. Clarissa V. Cellona
  • Once your teen hits puberty, a lot of skin issues can arise that can be stressful for both you and your child. But you can manage these if you arm yourself with the right information and consult with the experts.

    Start with "What's Up with My Skin?", a book written by dermatologist and SKINCELL clinic founder Dr. Clarissa Cellona. It's a comprehensive guide for teens and parents "who encounter the same (skincare) questions and concern for their kids."

    A parent to a teen herself, Dr. Clarissa says that she dedicates her book to her son. She adds that moms and dads like her can also feel burdened when they see their children's physical and emotional well-being affected by puberty.

    "Teens undergo a lot of physical changes along with emotional issues which make their developmental phase quite challenging not just for them but also for their parents. Most especially, it stresses the parents," Dr. Clarissa shared.

    How skincare boosts a teen's confidence

    Dr. Clarissa says skincare among teens is essential because having healthy skin is one way to boost a person's confidence.

    "By helping address teen skin issues, I feel that I am able to help teens strengthen their confidence and encourage them to take on new challenges," she explains.

    She adds skincare not only improves physical appearance, but it also promotes beauty within. However, this is difficult to achieve in a society that's obsessed with skin whitening.

    "I am all for encouraging kids to love themselves more, for who they naturally are," Dr. Clarissa points out. "After all, beauty, looks, and fame will fade away but character and talent will go a long way."


    It's why paying close attention to skincare is important. "The wonderful thing is once their skin issues are resolved, I see them flourish in school, become more open to social interaction and have a more upbeat and positive attitude," Dr. Clarissa says.

    Most challenging skins issues among kids

    Acne and eczema. These are the two most challenging skin issues many kids are currently facing, according to Dr. Clarissa.

    "Because of the chronic and relapsing nature of both ailments, acne and eczema have significant psychosocial impacts, especially on teens."

    Her advice to parents whose kids have these skin conditions is to be reactive and seek guidance from professionals as early as possible. She says, "early treatment minimizes the chance for scars and helps them enjoy their teen life more."

    How to cure acne?

    How to get rid of acne effectively? There's no one answer or one specific product that applies to all acne patients. Dr. Clarissa says the best way to treat acne is to get the "right combination protocols" from a trusted dermatologist. Treatments may include the "use of topical creams, oral medications, and select laser procedures."

    "Remember that acne may be a sign of an underlying medical condition such as hormonal imbalance, allergies or even intolerance to certain medications. Only a medical expert can diagnose and detect such subtle signs," the dermatologist reminds.

    Keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water is one of the best ways to achieve healthy skin. Changing your diet can also improve it. According to Dr. Clarissa, the following food have been linked to acne:

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    • High glycemic foods
    • Dairy products
    • Trans fats (such as very sweet drinks like soda and sweetened milk tea, fast food like french fries) 

    This guidebook for teens is just the beginning of Dr. Cellona's journey to educate the public on the best skin care practices.

    "I am very keen on tackling the subject of women's health and wellness concerns, and I am very excited to explore this subject possibly for the next series," she revealed.

    "What's Up With my Skin?" is available at select Summit Books Online Partner Stores, SKINCELL clinics and Lazada.

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