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    1. It cements the bond between you and your child.
    What better way to create that solid foundation than to nourish your child with your body (and heart and soul —- because you can’t nurse without losing yourself to your precious one).

    2. You bring less stuff when you leave the house.
    No need to keep track of bottles, formula, measurements, and so on when you step out of the house with your baby. All you need to do is just sit down and feed. Maybe throw a nursing cover on if your baby is still small enough not to complain (because when they’re older and have control of their arms and hands, those covers become pretty useless). If you’re a working mom and you pump all week, take a break over the weekend and just cart baby with you wherever you go. Feed and go, baby!

    3. You can sleep while nursing.
    When your baby is a newborn and your body is on the verge of collapsing, feeding your baby will feel like a warm hug because all you need to do is get into the side-lying position and drift off to sleep.

    4. You lower your risk of breast cancer.
    Research and studies show that breastfeeding lowers the risk of breast cancer. The longer and the more babies you nurse, the higher your chances of being breast cancer-free. The risk, however, is only lessened by a small percentage, but hey, we’ll take that over nothing!  

    5. You have a surefire way of putting your baby to sleep.
    Notice how their eyes slowly close while they savor Mom's milk? And the way they unlatch, fully satiated and content? What else could be more rewarding for a mom than the knowledge that her body delivered and nourished this precious bundle? And now that they’re asleep, you can rest too! Hooray!

    6. The antibodies in your milk protect your little one.
    When your baby is sick, it is best to direct feed because your antibodies go straight into her, strengthening her immune system. It’s amazing how your milk can actually do something as magical as this.  

    7. You save so much money.
    Have you computed how much a can of formula costs and how quickly it disappears? Multiply that by how much you’ll need in a year and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save by breastfeeding your baby. As a nursing mom, you may have a bigger appetite, but I doubt your extra meals and snacks will be as expensive as formula.

    8. It burns so many calories!  
    Ever wonder why you’re so hungry all the time when you’re breastfeeding? Well, that’s the reason. But the most wonderful part about it is you can eat and eat and still lose the pregnancy weight! Okay, maybe this doesn’t work for all women, but breastfeeding does contract your tummy after you give birth. Those pains in your tummy while the little one suckles? That’s your stomach trying to get back to its former self. Too bad it only happens in the beginning.

    9. You now have a bond with fellow nursing moms.
    It’s not hard to make friends anymore when there's so much to talk about with a fellow nursing mom. But seriously, the support breastfeeding moms give each other while they go through the challenges of not just breastfeeding but motherhood is incomparable.  

    10. It prepares you for motherhood and the bigger hurdles ahead.
    This is the first step to motherhood. All the challenges, pains, and tears that come with breastfeeding (because yeah, there are and no one said it was easy) will train and test you, form and mold you. And when your little bundle of love steps out into the world and has to make it on his own (a bit of an exaggeration because really, we’re just talking about preschool here ... but you get the point), you’ll be stronger, wiser, and proud to wear that Mommy badge of honor.

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