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  • How do I effectively increase my breast milk supply?

    A lot of breastfeeding moms worry about increasing their breast milk supply. Mom, contributor and breastfeeding counselor, Abbie Yabot tells us how to go about it.
    by Abigail Vernida-Yabot .
  • Q: How do I effectively increase my breast milk supply?

    There are so many products and services that are being offered now to stimulate and increase breast milk supply.  Malunggay supplements, nursing teas, lactation massages...  They may help to a certain extent but most of the time, they target a different output which will have a positive effect on your breast milk supply too. Malunggay increases iron when you have just lost a lot of blood from delivery and when you always lack sleep; hence, making you healthy enough to produce more breast milk.  Nursing teas tend to increase your liquid intake.  Lactation massages relax you so you can have a faster milk letdown.

    The best way to increase breast milk supply is to let your baby suckle effectively more often.  So, if your baby is being given a bottle, it is strongly recommended to drop the bottle, gradually, and increase latch times with you baby.  If you are working, make sure that all your free time at home, weekends, and holidays should be 100% direct breastfeeding.

    For exclusive “pumpers” (or moms who pump their breast milk and provide the milk to the baby via a bottle), as long as you space your pumping sessions and regulate your pumping time (you should not go over 30 minutes on one breast and time your pumping no shorter than an hour apart after the end of each pumping session), you may be able to increase your milk supply.

    Of course, like what was mentioned above, if you can increase your iron intake through regular food, increase your liquid consumption (without overdoing it as this may also bring about low milk supply) and relax, you will be able to increase supply too.


    In a non-traditional way, it is said that the best way to increase a mother’s breast milk supply is to provide her with enough support, love and appreciation. This would mean a lot to her if it comes from the people who are around her on a daily basis: yayas, parents, other kids, friends, other family members and, most especially, husbands.

    So daddies, go on and encourage mommy to breastfeed. Give her words of appreciation and, as soon as you can, take her out on a date. Breastfeeding isn’t a one-woman job. It involves the entire family.


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