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Moms Show How Their Kids Become Acrobats When Breastfeeding!
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Antonette Garcia and Kenzie Barrera Viray
  • Breastfeeding may seem natural, but it's not always easy. It's crucial to start your breastfeeding journey right, but there's no challenge a mother can't overcome if she wants to breastfeed. 

    Why do moms choose to breastfeed? Breast milk and the act of nursing offers many advantages. (Click here to see its benefits to you and your baby.) These outweigh the difficulties one mom could encounter during her breastfeeding journey. 

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    Some of these challenges include pain when you and your newborn are still learning, sleepless nights due to feeding every two hours in the middle of the night, supply issues, engorged breasts, or worse, mastitis. (Find solutions to breastfeeding problems here.)

    Even moms of twins nurse their babies at the same time. If your children have a short age gap, you can also do tandem feeding. It's a different ballgame but very doable, as evidenced by many moms who have done it successfully. (Check out tandem nursing tips here.)

    As your child grows, he will grow teeth and learn how to use it on your nipples. Your little one may want to nurse while learning how to walk (yes, some toddlers do attempt that!) and will be fussy because it's impossible to do that. Even so, he will try all kinds of acrobatics for no reason whatsoever.

    Even with all of the challenges, many moms still choose to nurse beyond the recommended exclusive nursing period of 6 months. Some even go on years after their child turns 2. Extended breastfeeding has its benefits as well. 

    What other parents are reading

    In celebration celebration of breastfeeding month in August, we asked moms from our Smart Parenting Village Facebook group to send their nursing photos. We received a lot. It's a testament to the dedication and commitment of many mothers who choose to breastfeed.  We celebrate breastfeeding to inspire more mothers to keep at it even if it's challenging. 

    Thank you to the Smart Parenting Village moms who sent their photos: Nash Maprangala-Morales, Christine Uriarte Suay, Desiree Tiu, Jenn De Jesus, Jhoanne Marie Ostil, Krisha Aquino-Ferranco, Alice Jorgina Diaz, Antonette Garcia, Christine Lerizze Martinez Fabros, Dhang Calonge, Elai Aradanas-Romero, Erika Bautista, Florence Vergara, Gen Roraldo, Gerlyn DC Bergonio, Grace Quintana Aquino, Jonnah Buenaventura, Kassandra Beo, Kleosel Galang, Kynski Flerr, Nica San Chez, Pey Mendoza, Rachel Mae, Angelica Manito Reyes, Bianca Camara, Din Real Bautista, Judette Lorenzo, Joselle Therese D. Ona, Katrina Galang Ferrer, Kenzie Barrera Viray, Sheryl Quarte, Kenzie Barrera Viray, Anne Panganiban-Humirang, Mimay Dela Rosa, Michelle P. Porto, Erin Bee, Jocelyn Maralit Rabena, Kristina Lasalita-Marquez, Dar Lyn, Nie Bayonbon-Delos Reyes, Lake Lake Zapata, Lhynn Mista, Liana Antonio Malibiran, Lot Lumberio-Regaliza, Maire Armstrong Gonzales, Marie Lopez Rotoni.

    What other parents are reading

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