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  • Breastfeeding and Dads: Bonding with Baby Tips and Ways to be a Supportive Partner

    Read on to learn the health benefits of breastfeeding for your baby, your partner and you. Check out as well handy tips on how to bond with your baby and being a supportive partner.
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    Read more about breastfeeding and bonding with baby tips for dads and how to be a supportive partner.


    Dad and baby bonding moments

    Since feeding will be the primary role of your wife, you can get your share in bonding with your baby by doing other tasks. Ask Tobey Maguire, David Beckham, and Pierce Brosnan who were all more than willing to take diaper duty as a way to spend time with their newborns. Since breastfed babies have less offensive diapers, that’s a good relief for you.

    Here are other opportunities for your and your baby to bond:
    •    Burp baby after feeding.
    •    Put or rock baby to sleep.
    •    Be the solid-food feeder later on.
    •    Bathe and massage your baby.
    •    Place your baby on your bare chest for skin to skin contact to let your baby get used to your smell.
    •    Cuddle baby.
    •    Talk to baby, read a book, and sing a song.

    Your wife will also need your support. Here’s what you can do:
    •    Bring your partner drinks while breastfeeding.
    •    Make sure she and the baby are comfortable.
    •    Sit together and enjoy the feeding process.
    •    Share in the chores like cooking, cleaning, and doing the grocery.
    •    Make food for your wife.
    •    Give her a massage.



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    Photo from sxc.hu

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