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  • Celeb Moms Get Real About The Ups And Downs Of Breastfeeding: 'I Used To Hate It'

    Celebrity or not, take comfort in knowing you're not alone in your breastfeeding journey!
    by Maita de Jesus .
Celeb Moms Get Real About The Ups And Downs Of Breastfeeding: 'I Used To Hate It'
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  • It's almost the end of National Breastfeeding Awareness month! If you're a padede mom, you probably have a ton of stories, not to mention tips, on how to breastfeed.

    While each mom will have different experiences, one thing's for sure — breast milk is best for babies, and mothers will always want to try their hardest to provide for them.

    Breastfeeding celebrity moms who will inspire you

    In celebration of Breastfeeding Awareness month, celebrity moms took to social media to express their support for breastfeeding and also offered a few tips to fellow moms going through breastfeeding struggles.

    Coleen Garcia

    “It hasn’t been an easy ride, but hey they’re totally right when they say it gets better!”

    Coleen Garcia shared in an Instagram post that breastfeeding didn't come easily for her and her son, Amari. She writes, “I used to hate it, but I kept pushing on cause I was determined to see it through.”

    The new mom also describes her experience and we're sure other moms can relate! “Breastfeeding has been a huge part of our journey. We started with Amari having the hardest time latching, and me crying often out of frustration and discomfort…


    “Now, I love this part of our relationship so much, and I see it as such an honor and a blessing. I get the best view in the world when he looks me in the eyes,” she adds.

    Whether they chose to breastfeed or not, Coleen still honors all moms. “Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, you are doing an incredible job!”

    Isabelle Daza

    “Sometimes breastfeeding feels like you’re a prisoner to your baby. But sometimes it also makes you feel like you have a unique connection.”

    Breastfeeding moms will have conflicting feelings about their journey — which just goes to show that it isn't all that pleasant. Yet, it's these bumps and trials along the way that make it it!

    If you've ever felt guilty about finding breastfeeding hard, or wanting to be “free,” all those feelings are valid. Actress Isabelle Daza, now a mom of two, shares her humorous (and totally real) take: “Either way the benefits of breastfeeding your child outweigh the saggy flat pancake boobs you have after.”

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    Anne Curtis

    “When I started dropping feeds — when food became her main source of nutrients — my hormones started changing and I was just very quiet and felt somewhat melancholic…”

    Seventeen months of breastfeeding is no easy feat — “let's just say there was curling of toes and frozen cabbage involved – thanks mum”, but Anne Curtis won't have it any other way.

    If there's one thing she wish she knew, though, it was that lessening Dahlia's feeding also made her hormones change. In a way, it's proof that breastfeeding does change you! (Read more here.)

    Nikka Garcia


    “I would pinch myself every time just to help somewhat ease the pain of the latching… my husband saw me cry my heart out every single start of each breastfeeding journey.”

    Not being new to breastfeeding doesn't guarantee a smoother ride — Nikka Garcia is proof of that. With three girls and finally, a boy, the mom shows that each journey has been different and yet it's also the reason she holds on.

    She shares in an Instagram post, “I breastfed all three of my girls directly for at least a year… and now it’s my son’s turn. Don’t get me wrong, the start of this journey was not at all easy.

    “I would curl my toes, close my eyes, and even pray aloud through the pain as my breasts would always start engorged and nipples wounded… I never gave up because I have seen the benefits with my first born... For me and my children, it is what I believe is best!”

    Moms who choose to do otherwise, whether by “choice or circumstance” isn't any less of a mom. Nikka says, “You do you and be proud because being a mom is more than enough. ”


    Whatever journey you're taking, just enjoy the highs and ride through the lows, momma. Your little one appreciates every ounce of support and love they get from you.

    A mom describes breastfeeding as “exhausting but too beautiful to be over.” Read more here.


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