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  • Breastfeeding-Friendly Companies in the Philippines Part 2

    This second installment is proof of the growing support for breastfeeding in the workplace.
    by June Isis Evasco .
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    “I produce milk. What’s YOUR superpower?”

    If the Green Lantern had his ring, and Capt. Barbell had his barbell, then what do working nursing mothers have? Their breast milk. Still, without the support of their employers, these super mommies would not be able to continuously provide nourishment for their kids.

    Because of the positive response Smart Parenting Online received with the article Six Breastfeeding-Friendly Companies in the Philippines, we feel encouraged to compile this second batch of companies nursing mothers love :


    Hewlett Packard
    A leading solutions provider in the Philippines, Hewlett Packard, or HP, has one lactation room in each of their two sites. The rooms are fully-equipped with a refrigerator, a table, chairs and an electric outlet. Mia, who is currently breastfeeding her 10-month-old baby, credits management for her successful breastfeeding experience. They work on a flexible time schedule which allows her to manage her workload at her own pace and nurse in between. Early this year, Mia had a bout of mastitis, a breast infection, and had to nurse from one breast double time. The infection necessitated that she hand-express the affected breast and throw away the milk. Though painful, she persevered, and returned to nursing on both breasts in no time.

    Asian Development Bank
    The ADB is a major source of development financing in the Asia and Pacific regions. In support of their breastfeeding employees, they have one nursing room called the ‘Expression Room’ at their headquarters in Mandaluyong. It has two chairs, a table, electrical outlets, a sink, and an electric airpot continuously stocked with hot water. Sygrid, currently breastfeeding her 10-month-old son, says that the room is often mistaken for a “venting” room where stressed employees go to because of its name. A sign also had to be placed on the refrigerator door that it should only be used to store breast milk, since some employees place their lunch boxes in it, thinking that it’s the common ref.


    Manila City Hall
    The governing body of the City of Manila, the Manila City Hall has one nursing room conveniently located at the first floor. It is a basic room with tables, chairs and a ref.  Ernalyn is very thankful of the breastfeeding facility as she is one of the primary users of the nursing room.

    Trend Micro
    A leading provider for network antivirus and Internet software and security services, Trend Micro's Ortigas office is a nursing mom haven. It has one nursing room with a refrigerator, phone, hand sanitizer --- oh, and did I mention the two La-Z-Boys? Poala, who has been breastfeeding her little one for eleven months, mentions that her boss allows her to pump and work at the same time. It’s a good thing her breastpump, the Medela Swing, is very handy that she can pump while in her workstation. She laughingly recalls that a male officemate once approached her to ask a question, not knowing she was pumping. Probably noticing her awkward position, he asked her what she was doing. The officemate walked away red-faced when she told him she was expressing milk under her shawl.

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