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  • Breastfeeding Mom Refused Entry to Passenger Bus

    A bus driver refuses a passenger to ride the bus because she was breastfeeding her baby. Find out how the mother asserted her rights as a nursing mom.
  • breastfeedingIn the Philippines, the act of breastfeeding and breast exposure may cause discomfort to some conservative individuals, as such may be seen in a malicious light. But in more liberated countries like the United States, you would think that they would be more open to such things.

    Recently making news in Michigan was mom Afrykayan Moon who was asked by a female bus driver to cover up or else she won’t be allowed to board the vehicle. Being a breastfeeding advocate and knowing her rights and the law’s provisions on breastfeeding in public, Moon din not heed the bus driver’s warnings and continued breastfeeding. Besides, she had her two-week-old baby in a football hold and she was confident that her breast wouldn’t show with that position anyway. (Learn more about different breastfeeding positions here).

    The bus driver continued harassing Moon, and even called her bad names and wouldn’t move the bus until Moon covers up. Moon however, refused, so the bus driver called the security of a nearby mall when Moon wouldn’t get off at the parking lot.

    Security did come but after hearing Moon explain that she had done nothing wrong, the security guards eventually left. The story got so big that it caught the attention of the press and the public. The bus company, SMART, released a statement that they were already aware of the complete details of the incident and had already removed the said bus driver.

    How would you react if the same thing happened here in the Philippines? What’s your stand on breastfeeding in public? We’d love to know. Fill up the comment form below and speak up.

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