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  • Photos Show Comments Moms Get When They Breastfeed in Public

    It's a project of a photographer-mom who felt uncomfortable nursing in public.
    by Rachel Perez .
Photos Show Comments Moms Get When They Breastfeed in Public
PHOTO BY Nicki Kaylor Photography/Facebook
  • What comment have you gotten when you nursed in public? Nicki Kaylor, a wedding, family, and lifestyle photographer behind Nicki Kaylor Photography, decided to tackle the issue by gathering nine nursing moms for a photo shoot to celebrate the beauty of breastfeeding. She asked the moms to think of the comments they've gotten or heard when they breastfed in public. The moms wrote the remarks on a dry-erase board and held it up for the photos. 

    "The judgment and awkward stares against breastfeeding need to end. Nurturing your child from your body is something so special," Kaylor wrote on her Facebook post. "It's not as easy as everyone thinks. It takes a lot of determination...Mothers who breastfeed should be [applauded] not judged nor stared at," the photographer from Tennessee in the United States added. 

    The photo project "Latched with Love" showed the stark contrast between the rude remarks nursing moms get versus the beauty of breastfeeding. Kaylor stressed the remarks were not at okay and advised anyone who sees a nursing mom to appreciate her efforts or just smile and continue on their way.  


    "Can you go to the bathroom?" "Isn't he too big?" "You should cover up," "It's easier to give him a bottle" -- many of the comments shown are not exactly new. What is probably more surprising is people are still making them, and nursing moms are being put on the defensive.   

    In the comments section of Kaylor's post, many shared their experiences from breastfeeding in public with some admitting they were forced to give up because they felt shame. A lot of the moms also shared their nursing photos. With more than 2,000 reactions and more than 3,000 shares -- and still increasing -- it's clear that her post resonated with many mothers. 

    Kaylor, mom to three daughters, spoke about why the breastfeeding photo project is a passion. "I felt really uncomfortable nursing in public," Kaylor told Babble. She recounted that she was once forced to walk to her car in the middle of winter, instead of finding a bench in a supermarket, to nurse her daughter comfortably. 

    "A mother shouldn’t have to go out of her way to feed her child in private because she’s scared of the inappropriate comments or judgmental stares in public," Kaylor added.  

    [h/t: Babble]

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