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  • COVID-19 Did Not Spare This Couple, Both Frontliners, And Their 1-Year-Old

    "Okay lang sana if kami na lang ni husband."
    by Rachel Perez .
COVID-19 Did Not Spare This Couple, Both Frontliners, And Their 1-Year-Old
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lourz Tonquin-Tayson?
  • Lourz Tonquin-Tayson was breastfeeding her 1-year-old daughter Lauren Claire when she tested positive for COVID-19. As a public health nurse, she knew the risk of her daughter having it was high.

    But on our Smart Parenting Village Facebook group, Lourz wrote, "No virus can stop me from breastfeeding my baby!"

    Her post was accompanied by a black and white photo of herself, wearing a mask, as she nursed her daughter.

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    Finding out her family is infected

    The mom of two cried when she found out that she had COVID-19. After her results came back positive, the family immediately stayed at her aunt's place while Lourz isolated herself at home. Unfortunately, not long after, her husband, John Tayson,a police officer, and their baby Lauren got their positive test results, too.

    Thankfully, their 12-year-old son was spared from COVID-19.

    "Bilang isang nanay nalungkot po ako kasi parehas pa kame ni husband nag-positive," Lourz told SmartParenting.com.ph via Facebook Messenger. "Okay lang sana if kame na lang ni husband," she said.

    The nursing mama experienced symptoms for three days. She had 39°C fever, splitting headaches, loss of the sense of smell and taste, excruciating pain all over her body, and colds and cough.

    Baby Lauren, however, was asymptomatic and did not suffer fron the typical coronavirus symptoms.

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    The road to recovery

    Throughout their ordeal, Lournz continued breastfeeding. Even when she was still waiting for test results, she pumped breast milk and sent it to her baby. She always had a mask and practiced hand hygiene when she was directly breastfeeding.

    "I still breastfed Lauren while she and I were positive for COVID-19. I believe it is one of the reasons why she did not get any symptoms (asymptomatic)," Lourz stressed.

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    Lourz didn't want to give up breastfeeding Lauren even if she experienced symptoms of COVID-19.

    "I did not give up because I know the benefits [of breastfeeding], and I wanted to continue giving her the best nutrition I could, especially we are facing this pandemic. Lahat po ng doctor na nakausap ko ay hindi ako pinatigil mag-breastfeeding," she added.


    Aside from breastfeeding, Lourz increased her intake of fruits and fruit juices to naturally boost her immune system. She also did steaming with hot water with salt every night.

    Every morning, Lourz and her daughter would get their daily dose of sunlight. They didn't use the air conditioners and slept in the living room where ventilation is better. They also didn't receive any visitors, even if they were relatives, for the entire duration of their home isolation.

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    Baby Lauren has COVID-19 but didn't experience any symptoms.
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lourz Tonquin-Tayson

    Spreading breastfeeding awareness

    The mom and daughter were both declared COVID-free after almost three weeks of being home quarantined and three swab tests. As of press time, Lourz and her husband are well and back at the frontlines.

    Breast milk is the best nutrition and protection from illness that a mother can give her child. Lourz agrees, and it is why she is sharing her experience. She wants to honor breastfeeding moms who have been experiencing difficulties but are still soldiering on because of the many benefits of breast milk.

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