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8 Breast and Mixed Feeding Baby Bottles for Every Budget
PHOTO BY Natz Bade
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  • The body of a woman is so awesomely designed. Aside from its power to create and nurture life during pregnancy, it also has a mechanism to sustain that life once it's outside the womb — thank you, breast milk!  

    There comes a time, however, when a mom cannot be present to nurse her baby and has to express milk and store it for future use. There are those who combine breast and formula milk (mixed feeding). In both cases, moms need baby bottles

    If you're on the search for feeding bottles, we've listed eight brands below. All of them say their bottles' designs, from the teats to the body, are based on the way a baby latches on to the mother's breast. They also have their respective anti-colic systems. 

    So how do you pick a baby bottle? At the end of the day, it's your baby who will choose for you. Many recommend buying one from your three preferred brands, and see which your baby likes best. Breastfeeding moms say there are advantages to buying a bottle that is the same brand as your breast pump.




    1. Hegen
    Ph999.75 (5 oz) and Php1,199.75 (8 oz)

    If you've run out of breast milk storage bags, you can put this bottle, which is stackable, straight into the freezer. Its storage lids come at Php899.75 for a pack of 4. The brand says its off-center teat mimics the natural breast of mothers to promote natural latch-on for babies, minimizing nipple confusion and making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. It also enables your baby to feed in a more upright position, lessening the risk of milk back-flow which may cause mid-ear complications. Designed in London. Made in Malaysia.
    Available at SM Makati



    2. Como tomo
    Php999.75 (5 oz) and Php1,199 (8 oz)

    The bottle is soft and flexible because the body is made of hygienic silicone, a natural material that is said to be the closest to human skin. Silicone also has no open pores to harbor bacteria, and the flexible body and wide mouth allow for easy cleaning. It has a "no-drip air-vent" system that is designed to help prevent colic. Designed in California. Made in Korea.
    Available at SM Makati

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    3. Philips Avent
    Php659.75(4 oz) and Php779.75 (9 oz)

    The skin-soft teat closely resembles the breast, and its flexible spiral design allows a more natural tongue movement for the baby. Its anti-colic valve technology is said to help reduce fussing and discomfort by venting air into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy. Made in Indonesia.
    Available at SM Makati




    4. Pigeon Soft Touch Peristaltic Plus
    Php569.75 (5 oz), Php599.75 (8 oz), and Php699.75 (11 oz)

    It has inner vertical lines, said to prevent nipple collapse and help natural tongue movement. The matt surface allows your baby to latch securely. The polypropylene bottle has an advanced venting system to help minimize swallowed air and prevent gas. Made in Indonesia.
    Available at SM Makati



    5. NUK First Choice
    Php499.75 (150 mL) and Php599.75 (300 mL)

    Approved by the Oral Health Foundation, NUK teats are designed by German dental experts with a special orthodontic shape. The special soft-zone is meant to adapt to a child's palate for a natural drinking experience. It also has its own anti-colic air system that reduces air bubbles during feeding. Made in Germany.
    Available at SM Makati


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    6. Chicco Natural Feeling
    Php499.75 (150 mL ) and Php599.75 (250 mL)

    The physio-orthodontic teats are made of extra velvety silicone, and it actively promotes the correct development of the mouth. It encourages the correct neck position for newborns because it is ergonomic and offers the maximum comfort. Made in Italy.
    Available at SM Makati



    7. Looney Tunes
    Php129.75 (300 ml) and Php179.75 (420 ml)
    These bottles are made from durable polypropylene material, BPA free, and the unique bottle shape allows easy grip. 
    Available at SM Makati




    8. U n Me
    P399.75 (9 oz)

    The bottles are made of high-grade polyethersulfone with its original honey-colored resins. It is non-toxic and is heat-resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius. Made in Taiwan.
    Available at SM Makati

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