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  • Here’s the truth, breastfeeding moms. It’s downhill from here for your breasts. It’s time to say adios to perky! Or at least, that’s what the heartbroken mom from a viral video seems saying.

    Playing around with fruits, Marta Lech-Maciejewska from parenting and lifestyle blog SuperStyler shared the reality of what a woman’s "milk-makers" go through before and after breastfeeding a baby.

    It all starts out as oranges before babies come into the picture. Then, it balloons into melons in pregnancy! Breastfeeding gives you two different-sized fruits at the same time. And what you’re left with after? Floppy banana peels? At least according to Marta!  

    Breastfeeding isn’t always pretty--it can be uncomfortable and painful. But funny and playful videos like these do help ease the pain--sort of. Much appreciated!

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