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  • 3 Ways To Be Up For The Challenge Of Motherhood

    Philips AVENT shares tips and tricks to help you ease your way into your motherhood journey in today’s challenging times.
3 Ways To Be Up For The Challenge Of Motherhood
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Philips AVENT
  • Loving, nurturing, and always supportive – these are only a few of the many wonderful things one could describe a mother.

    Motherhood is far from an easy journey. From conception to pregnancy, to giving birth and raising a child, women shoulder the bulk of the physical, mental, and emotional changes that come with being a mother.

    Thankfully, having a solid support system can help make this journey easier, whether at home or within communities. But with the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, motherhood has become even more challenging today.

    With travel and mass gathering restrictions still in place, opportunities for mothers to connect with the support systems they need have become limited. Parenting classes that used to be held face-to-face are now stopped, labor support women are banned from assisting in child delivery — even husbands are being prohibited from staying by their wives’ side as they enter labor.

    While guidelines may have relaxed towards the end of last year, the sudden surge in COVID-19 cases prompted the need for new safety protocols. While such new hospital rules were created with the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals in mind, the added limitations on movement further complicate the motherhood journey for women already forced to spend most of their time at home for over a year.

    Philips AVENT, one of the world’s leading mother and childcare brands, recognizes the struggles of moms navigating through motherhood in these times. Driven by the mission of empowering mothers to embrace motherhood, Philips AVENT wishes to help lighten the burden of expectant moms everywhere by sharing these tips to help them prepare for the challenges of motherhood:

    When labor begins, follow your doctor’s advice

    Many doctors advise expectant mothers to stay at home at the onset of labor for as long as possible, as a precaution given the current health crisis. As challenging as this may be given the presence of contractions and other signs of labor, limiting time spent in the hospital lessens the probability of contamination and decreases the length of hospital stays, post-birth.

    To help mothers relax while at home, de-stressing activities such as watching movies, listening to music, breathing exercises, and meditating are highly recommended.

    Make sure the necessities are ready before you go to the hospital

    The presence of spotting, pushing sensations, chills, and belly pains are all signs that it’s time to make the trip to a hospital. However, before going, it is ideal to call your doctor first.

    To save expectant parents from the possible scramble on the big day, it’s a good idea to prepare clothes, personal protective equipment, any documents, and all the other essentials ahead of time.

    Follow breastfeeding tips

    Having the right mindset and attitude goes a long way towards successful breastfeeding. As breastfeeding is a great way to strengthen the bond between mother and child, knowing what to expect, as well as the possible challenges that can arise and how to properly prepare for them, can help a lot.

    Breastfeeding is a natural act, but some moms might not find it easy. It takes practice, too. And keep in mind: having a hard time producing milk is certainly no indication that moms are not doing the best they can. For any difficulties, consulting a lactation expert can help.

    Meanwhile, working moms can adjust a baby’s feeding schedule around their respective work schedules. For these situations, having a breast pump comes in handy.

    The Philips AVENT Electric Breast Pump enables women to express comfortably and efficiently while maintaining the benefits of feeding their baby breast milk. The breast pump’s design allows milk to flow directly into a bottle, helping moms relax while producing milk. Soft massage cushions gently stimulate milk flow, while three pumping settings enable mothers to find the one that suits them the best.

    Furthermore, with its double electric breast pump design, mothers can save time by comfortably pumping from both breasts at once, which may even help a mother’s ability to produce milk.

    By empowering mothers with products to help make motherhood easier, Philips AVENT supports all moms through each and every step of their motherhood journey.

    The Philips AVENT Electric Breast Pump is available at the Philips flagship stores in Lazada and Shopee.

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