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  • breastfeeding momOne of the things that breastfeeding moms worry about during their breastfeeding journey is finding ways to increase their milk supply to cope with the needs of their growing babies. Since numerous unavoidable factors like stress and one’s diet and illness can affect a mother’s milk supply, finding ways to keep up and make sure you have enough is high on a breastfeeding mom’s priorities.

    Though there are medicines that can help in increasing a mother’s milk supply, very few women actually need to go to these lengths. More often than not, simple changes and natural solutions get the job done easily. Not only are they easy and less expensive, they are also much safer and have almost no side effects.

    Above all else, there are two basic things a mom has to do to increase and maintain good milk supply.

    1. Love thyself and keep the faith

    There really is no going around this. A mom that tries to keep healthy habits, stays active, eats right, and takes steps to minimize stress will find that increasing their milk supply is much easier. After all, it is the mom’s body that creates the milk so it stands to reason that how she cares for her body affects the quantity and quality of her milk.

    The mind is a powerful thing. Being depressed and frustrated about the volume of milk will be counterproductive to increasing milk supply. Believing in one’s own body and keeping faith that enough will be produced will help. Moms can also use meditation to decrease stress and ‘talk’ to one’s body. This will help moms get a positive outlook and be in a place of calm so their bodies function at their best.

    2. Nurse, nurse, nurse (or pump, pump, pump)

    Think of frequent nursing as class time for a mom’s body. The more a mom nurses, the better her body understands that there is a need to create more milk. It works the same with pumping. Remember, breastfeeding and increasing milk supply is a simple matter of supply and demand.


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