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  • How to Make Homemade Malunggay Flakes

    A kilo of malunggay flakes will cost you more than Php500. Why spend if you can make your own?
    by Rachel Perez .
How to Make Homemade Malunggay Flakes
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  • Malunggay is one of the many natural galactagogues that helps increase nursing mom's breast milk supply. 

    Many breastfeeding moms have been creative in how they can incorporate malunggay into their diet. Aside from dishes like tinola and clam soup, you can actually add flakes malunggay leaves into any dish. 

    A kilo of malunggay flakes is about Php650 if you buy it in the supermarket. It's easy to use up all the malunggay flakes in just a short time, so it may seem expensive to some moms. 

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    Not if you can make your own flakes, though. One of the moms in our Facebook Group Smart Parenting Village shared how she makes homemade malunggay flakes at home. Here's how she does it:

    1. Pick or buy malunggay with stems. 

    2. In a large basin, rinse it in a baking soda solution. For the solution, mix two tablespoons of baking soda into one liter of water. It will help remove dirt, pesticide residue, etc.

    3. Tie your malunggay stems into batches and hang it under a shade (not directly under the sun) and let it air-dry. Let the stems continue to dry for two to three days indoors. 

    4. When the malunggay stems are completely dry, its leaves will start to fall off on their own. (You can shake it, and the leaves will fall off.) Crush the leaves with your hands.

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    Now that you have malunggay flakes stocked up in your pantry, how to use malunggay flakes? You can add and sprinkle this on to pretty much everything you eat.


    Add it when you're making bread or pasta. Sprinkle it on your sandwich or pasta. You can even coat it with starch and use it as an alternative to chips. Many moms add hot water to malunggay flakes (or fresh malunggay) to make tea. Other also grind it into paste or powder form to make it make it easy for them to mix into a juice or chocolate drink. 

    Remember, though, no matter how much malunggay you consume, it will not be as helpful in increasing your milk production if you don't latch your baby to feed. Frequent direct breastfeeding is still the best way to improve your milk supply. 

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