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What Breastfeeding Moms Need To Know When Taking Paracetamol For Minor Illnesses
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  • Editor’s Note: This article is intended for information purposes only. It does not substitute a doctor. It is vital to always consult a medically trained professional for advice that suits your needs best.

    There are many benefits of breastfeeding, that's why many new moms do their best to nurse their babies and, if it's available to them, do it for as long as they can (ideally two years or more). One of their concerns, though, is when they get sick and need to take medicine. They ask, for instance, "Is Biogesic safe for breastfeeding moms?"

    Biogesic is a brand name of paracetamol

    According to its distributor, the pharmaceutical company Unilab, Biogesic is a "trusted brand" of paracetamol. In other words, paracetamol is the generic name of Biogesic, as well as other similar brands, like Tempra, Opigesic, Ifimol IV, and Calpol (for kids).

    Paracetamol (sometimes also called acetaminophen particularly in the United States) is a medication often used and considered the standard antipyretic and analgesic. It is given to patients with mild and moderate illnesses accompanied by fever and pain. It is also included in the lists of painkillers and anti-sickness medicines, according to the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS).

    This medication was first given in 1893 at the clinic of German physician Josef von Mering, according to the U. S. National Library of Medicine. But it was only sold commercially starting in 1950 in the U.S. and, six years later, in Australia. Today, 7 out of 10 Filipinos consider paracetamol as their go-to medicine for headache, fever, and body pains.


    Dosage and precautions

    Following the guidelines in taking paracetamol, one to two tablets of 500 mg of Biogesic is usually taken orally by adults and children 12 years and older every four to six hours. But the recommendation is not more than eight tablets of 500 mg (total of 4 g) within 24 hours to avoid paracetamol overdose.

    It is also important to follow the directions of your doctor or as printed on the product leaflet or label. Remember that the amount of dosage and frequency depends on your age, weight, and the strength or concentration of the medicine.

    For instance, children below 12 must take a lower dose. On the other hand, very young children usually take paracetamol in liquid form with a measuring spoon, cup, or oral syringe. Always bear in mind not to double the dose even if you or your child already missed one dose.

    Is Biogesic safe for breastfeeding moms?

    Biogesic can be taken when breastfeeding or lactating, according to its distributor, and with this explanation: "It appears in your breast milk in small amounts and is unlikely to cause any harm to your baby. However, we encourage breastfeeding women to always consult with their doctors when ingesting medicines."

    After taking the medicine, you also need to consult your doctor if you experience:

    • New symptoms occuring
    • Symptoms do not get better
    • Redness and swelling
    • Fever worsens and continues for more than 3 days
    • Pain worsens and goes on for more than 10 days

    In the Parent Chat online community of Smart Parenting, some moms shared their experiences and recommendations in taking Biogesic while breastfeeding.

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    One member, who's breastfeeding (BF) exclusively, wrote, "Biogesic is the only med na allowed sa 'kin when I was pregnant... and until now that I'm breastfeeding (pure bf). Don't take it 1,000 mg at a time. 500 lang (isang tablet) every 4 hours lagi yan. (Pag may fever pa rin every 4 hours. Pag wala na , don't take na)."

    She added, "I had kidney stones when I was pregnant so super sakit ng likod ko. The only pain relief I could get is from biogesic. :) OK naman."

    Another member agreed, recalling a breastfeeding class that she attended, in which the lactation consultants said "there are only 5 families of medicines na bawal sa BF mommies." She can't even remember the names of those medicines "kasi para s'ya sa mga cancer patients."

    Still another member had this to say: "Paracetamol lang ang pwede pag may sakit ka. Kung may lagnat ka naman, pwede pa naman magpa bfeed. When I got sick kasi binigyan ako ng antibiotic 'tapos pinatigil ako mag bfeed habang iniinum ko 'yun."

    While it appears that yes is the answer to the question, "Is Biogesic safe for breastfeeding moms," it always helps to practice caution and consult your doctor.

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