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5 Lactation Treat Brands Breastfeeding Moms Truly Enjoy
PHOTO BY @sugarsensationph, @sweetdelightsbycharlotte/Instagram
  • Breastfeeding is one of the most amazing gifts of motherhood. Your body produces liquid gold as soon as your baby arrives, according to your baby's needs. Your milk is formulated with the complete nutrition your infant requires to grow and develop; in fact, he needs nothing else for the first six months but your milk (not even water!) What a gift, indeed!

    But it isn't exactly a walk in the park either. Apart from common breastfeeding challenges like cracked nipples, sleepless nights, and mastitis, many moms have expressed (pun intended) their fear of not being able to produce enough milk, or have none at all.

    Thankfully, with more moms choosing to breastfeed their babies, mom-entrepreneurs have stepped up and found ways to help the cause by making and selling lactation goodies. Lactation goodies, fortified with galactagogues, stimulate the production of breastmilk. Because they truly deliver what they promise, lactation goodies have become a staple in every breastfeeding mom's stash (it doesn't hurt that they taste great, too). These days, there isn't a shortage of lactation goodies one can choose from.  

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    Here's a list of the brands moms rave about, and their must-try items. You can find them on Instagram to make ordering easy!

    Sweet Delights by Charlotte (@sweetdelightsbycharlotte)

    Try their lactation carrot cupcakes, cheesecake brownies, and dark chocolate chunk cookies. Available for pick-up or delivery.

    MilkingBombsbyABC (@milkingbombsbyabc)

    Try their bestselling classic milk bombs, crink-oats, and choc-nut brownies!

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    Sugar Sensation (@sugarsensationph)

    Try their banana cupcakes, nutty oat bars, and lactation choco flakes!


    The Good Farm (@thegoodfarm)

    Try their malunggay lactation cookies,  malunggay coffee chocolatte sugar-free, and malunggay tsokolate sugar-free! 


    MommyCuddle Hub (@mommycuddlehub)

    Try their double chocolate  lactation cookies, cheesy oatmeal lactamuffins, and cream cheese espresso lactabrownies! 

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