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  • I am a first time mom of an eight-month-old baby boy, Datu Miguel. Breastfeeding my baby creates a special “us” time every day. Breast is really the best because it is so convenient. There are no bottles to sterilize because the milk comes from its natural source. Plus, it’s warm, healthy, and full of antibodies.

    I have learned breastfeeding through a tough phase—endless pumping sessions with my husband, and my baby not wanting to latch because he kept on crying. One great trick that I learned was to latch just before his mealtime. That way, he’s still calm and latching is easy. I figured that out one night when I was in bed with him. I tried to latch him right before his nighttime feeding session, and ever since then we have been latching anytime, anywhere.

    Three of my friends are now pregnant, one has just given birth, and I am encouraging them to breastfeed—just giving back the support that I got from Smart Parenting and the breastfeeding consultants and advocates out there.



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